La Colonia Primavera is an area of 600 hectares, 140 km northwest of the capital of Formosa, Celia family owned, inhabitants of that place for eighty years.

The natives, led by Félix Díaz, was occupied for four months and cut Route 86 that runs through the area in protest apparently against the construction of the power production and Environment, organized by the Government. According to the Toba, those lands belong to them.

On Tuesday afternoon, a group of one hundred policemen, accompanied by the investigating judge and prosecutor Raul Maurino, arrived in the spring with an order to vacate the encroached area and also the arrest of some members of the community Toba, allegedly were armed.

After the crackdown, three people were killed: Sixto Gomez and another unidentified person of the Toba community, and the principal officer Eber Falcon. In addition there are several wounded and about thirty prisoners.

According to Minister of Government of the province, Jorge Gonzalez, when the procession came to the area police were greeted with bullets by the natives. Diaz denied that version and said the violence stemmed from the police. Of the deaths, indigenous organizations protested outside the Government House.

The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo and the Argentina League for the Rights of Man, among other political and social organizations, repudiated the violent crackdown.