With Carlos Tevez as given exclusive with two goals and a goal from defender Pablo Zabaleta, Manchester City won at Fulham by 4 to 1 on a meeting for the 14th time in the Premier League, with Diego Maradona as a spectator for luxury rostrum.

Tevez, who was not part of the Argentine team that beat Brazil for 1 to 0 in Qatar through injury, was included in the City and scored two goals for his team in the win over Fulham, which gets you close to three units leaders Chelsea and Manchester United.

In addition, Zabaleta also scored on the scoreboard when 31 minutes passed the first stage after a great shot from outside the area.

But besides the win and the great task of the Argentines the City, was Maradona who captured everyone's attention when luxury spectator in the gallery, as part of his European tour that began in the capital of Spain, where he witnessed a real workout Madrid and had an extensive conversation with the coach Jose Mourinho.