An initiative born through social networks has become one of the most massive marches of the country's history

Thousands of people gathered to repudiate violence against women and femicide.

A massive central act around the Congress building, along with others in the rest of the country, was the sign of a cry that close to six p.m. closed a historic day with the slogan: "Not one less." The slogan down from the stage set up in the center of the city and spread throughout Argentina.

"Right to Life" said a white sign with orange letters, shirts with photos of women victims of femicide and people of all ages approached columns coming from Rivadavia avenues, Entre Rios and Avenida de Mayo.

The actress Erica Rivas and cartoonist Maitena, with actor Juan Minujin were the only speakers of the day by reading a document with strong claims was addressed to Justice, political power and the media.

The letter demanded official data on femicide in Argentina and warned that the judiciary plays a role in general inefficient when responding to victims. "This inertia can not continue," said Minujín. In addition, warrants were requested for access of victims to justice and "who has trained personnel in the prosecution for receiving complaints."