Martin Palermo Boca recognized that now is the "worst moment" since the Titan was landing on the institution of the Bank. At the same time pointed out that even though the club has a crisis, does not think his retirement from football forward.

"It's the worst time since I've been here," Palermo acknowledged at a news conference.

And it is true, Boca, scored just 17 points and is in the table below all the teams fighting for the decline with the exception of Independent, Olympus, Hurricane, Fitness and Quilmes.

"I do not think early retirement, but can always be circumstances," he said Palermo. "But if there comes a DT again, you never know, if I have a contract so I will respect," he added.

The truth is that Boca in the next semester will do a campaign of 61 points when thinking about the averages, so you should consider adding to not suffer as River.