Luisana Lopilato, the emerging international actress who left within Cris Morena without much success behind him, appear in the popular American series Glee. All, of course, thanks to his daring.

Following the announcement of their relationship with Canadian singer Michael Buble and the resulting trips to accompany the event as "glamorous" there, the blonde fell in love with the idea of "making great Darin" and paste in the international screen, although other style.

So it was that after many months of auditions, the sister of Darius attended the party organized by the Rolling Stone after the American Music Awards and faced Ryan Murphy, the producer of the hit music hall.

After the cordial greetings between your partner and producer, the blonde was pounced on by the producer and asked if there was a chance to appear on the strip. "It could interpret an exchange student and sings a song in Spanish," suggested Lopilato.

Without an immediate response, the producer said he liked the idea and the possibilities that Bublé and girlfriend involved in the show were high. Although, of course, nothing is signed yet.