The Ecuadorean threatens to go to the end and moved to the Justice of the conflict that sparked his dismissal of Bravissimo, which drew sparks with Andrea Ghidone ● "Fortunately I never needed to sleep with someone of production. Yo, where as, I do my needs, "shot the brunette, who has just joined the work of Tristan.

A trial. The conflict between Paola Miranda and production of Bravissimo be completed to resolve in court. After the star was dismissed from the work that leads Carmen Barbieri for expressing their dissatisfaction with the preparation of the marquee, Javier Faroni could not reach an agreement in respect of severance compensation and Ecuador made cortita: took the case to Justice . "I extorted. What they did with me was very bad faith. So I decided to move everything into the legal route, "said the busty artist when he referred to the proposal received by the theater manager, to agree to rescind the contract that bound throughout the season. "I could not accept in any way what I offered. If you think that Carmen is not supported me? Of course. Did absolutely nothing for me, "he said later, then GET WITH Ghidone hard to Andrea:" It is romantically involved with the production people to gain power. Fortunately I never needed to get into the sheets so to ensure no more important things. Also, I do not judge, what you do with your body it is an issue of it. "

- Today I care more about money you can charge for a settlement, or take a coffee fix everything with Carmen?

"It always interested me is human, so we always showed me as the kind of person I am. A Santiago Carmen and I have great appreciation to them. This was a decision made by the producer, Javier Faroni, at the time I sit on the floor of Intrusion and say what was on the marquee did not meet my expectations. I think things can be fixed properly with a talk, but I think it was an act of bad faith, something unforgivable.

- Why did you cast to you and not Ghidone, who also said his own?

"What I did was a very bad person ... I do not know what is behind, but she left to bleach that has a relationship with a person who is in production. He mocked me when I left without work and she was the one who caused all this. It is not the first time I have looking for press, because he knows that I am responding. I callus.

"If you come across Guidone how would you react?

"People treacherous stabs you in the back, there's nothing to say. Should be left on their way. Yo, when I say resist files, files resist.

- Did not you notice that Ghidone out completely unscathed from all this?

She reached closer to the producer. No one can say that I had to sleep with someone for fighting a cartel.

I never had the need. Not on my principles.

- Is it true that your contract a clause that forces you to terminate the contract for participation of another work?

"My agent came to the office of Faroni and this gentleman said," Well, here's the check, I signed, we agreed and ready. Because if I have to pay all the time, she can not work for absolutely anyone. " No way I can accept such a thing, because here the wronged me. This man to me goodbye and then try to deprive me of my freedom to decide if I get another chance to work. It is a measure extorsive. I can not accept such a thing.