Beer is the queen of the bar. Leader and constantly growing, there is a bar that does not have as a protagonist. However, finding good variety, quality local brands and foreign good is not so easy. Here we recommend our selection of bars that focus on beer, ofrecienda variety, good service and a perfect environment to enjoy chopps and domestic pints, imported and craft.

1. Van Koning. One of the most important beer bars in the city. In a climate something dark and schedules are to those who enjoy an afternoon beer, but also to those who drink stale, this bar installed in the heart of Las Cañitas and inspired by the Dutch bar offers over 70 different beers. At the local Another World, which is available at lower prices than other bars in the city, add Staropramen, Tuborg, Carlsberg, Paulaner, Grolsch, Pilsner Urquell, Hoegaarden, Bavaria, Leffe or Chimay. Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and the Czech Republic represented in the letter, opening each night.
Baez 325 / T. 4772-9909

2. The Kilkenny. Crossing his early life as a transatlantic sailing powerful always agitated waters downtown. Although it has restaurant and whiskey bar, the heart of the place has always been the beer. There are national runs, the largest importer in coming to our country and have also developed a plan of "import substitution" with Gambrinus, its own line of craft is to emulate the Irish who brought fame and prestige to the corner. See almost obligatory happy hour for young workers in the area and tourists seeking shelter and climate friendly acquaintance.
Marcelo T. de Alvear 399 / T. 4312-9179

3. Down Town Matias. Unlike Kilkenny has focused on its original location, this pub has been extended by the city arms in an imaginary route to the north, with stopover in Belgrano and local Nordelta. In all the proposal is to beer as an actor, both the Guinness, as well as Heineken, Warsteiner or Schneider doing a national basis. There are also other options such as Grolsch, Bavaria, Samuel Smith or Antares. The Reconquista is an option for post-work beer, but the Belgrano R is in the best possible location for an afternoon, at the edge of the lovely line station Mitre. For the beer lovers who want new experiences, there is a good selection of drinks.
San Martín 979 / T. 4312-9844, and branches

4. Druid Inn. In his small shop located strategically on the street knew Reconquista offer one of the largest collections of whiskeys and beers, and although the weather was outshine, you can still find some runs national (Gambrinus Warsteiner and also) and some foreign, such as Carlsberg , Leffe and Grolsh. A quiet alternative to noisy pubs between the neighborhood and holidays. As the rest of the pubs, the transformation of the pedestrian street adds some attractive tables and chairs for summer evenings.
Reconquista 1040 / T. 4312-3688

5. Antares. Many pubs grew up watching the imported beers, but grew Antares based on his hometown Mar del Plata, focused on creating your own beer and making foot medium-sized cities and only after landing in Buenos Aires. Already installed as the standard in the local craft and Happy City, La Plata, Tandil, Bariloche, Mendoza and Palermo not only offer the traditional Porter, Scotch ale, Kölsch, Cream Stout, Imperial Stout and Barley Wine, but added periodically Special releases, like Doppelbock released for this winter or Ipa is announced for September.
Armenia 1447 / T. 4833-9611

6. Celtic Pub The Pan American Hotel bar is the quiet alternative after office downtown. While most bars in the area tend to be noisy and crowded, quiet atmosphere reigns here: lots of wood floors and walls, leather armchairs, low tables, and a perfect environment for business meetings. Another good option is to layer in a bar with friends, order a pint of Warsteiner shot and then play a game of pool table's incredible that there is a separate lounge.
Carlos Pellegrini 551 / T. 4348-5000

7. Buller Recoleta. Another place born after the 2001 crisis, seeking to replace foreign beers imported a concept: that of a pub brewing its own site, something quite common in many European cities. At six varieties add their own options also imported and some traditional country. The location of Recoleta, huge, something cold when few people are confronted with the smallest of the street Paraguay: good choice for post-work happy hour. The Recoleta given the opportunity to peek at the machinery that makes their beer. And foreigners who walk around the neighborhood yirando.
President Robert M. Ortiz 1827, T. 4808-9061 / Paraguay 426, T. 4313-0287

8. Unterturkheim. Pubs and beer bars developed greatly in the downtown and expanded their domain to the north. San Telmo has always been somewhat neglected. But this place, decorated like a German beer hall, attended by its owners is one of the best alternatives. There are good national and Antares, Another World, Barbarossa and abroad among which the German. To accompany, good with cold meats and sausages chopped special. Rustic atmosphere, friendly atmosphere and a simple and familiar service.
Humberto Primo 899 / T. 4307-3265

9. Gibraltar. This bar has been instrumental in beer drinkers out of the goodness availability of products (domestic, craft and imported), both run as in bottle, and affordable prices, with a unique happy hour. The rest provides a perfect pub atmosphere, good food and a mixture of india San Telmo neighborhood, young fuck plan and foreigners living the bohemian Buenos Aires and its doors open every day from morning until late at night. This year we remodeled the back room and promise more improvements.
Peru 895 / T. 4362-5310

10. John John. The John John have been a number and the name holds a certain mystique. But today, the best is something hidden in the basement of San Isidro, a few meters from the station of Tren de la Costa. Good variety of beers, live music, pub atmosphere and a mix of regulars and occasional visitors to roll a perfect collage. A local bar and locals who want to leave prison in the capital. Good happy hour. Andá early and look for a place in the bar.
Lasalle 489 / T. 4707-0800

11. Black Sheep. In San Isidro John John is the choice of low, near the river, and this pub is the place to go for a beer in the other half of the neighborhood. Games, bar, bar food, beer runs and a constant and growing supply of domestic and foreign good. Another World in all its forms, Leffe, Bass, Lowenbrau, Bavaria, Grolsch, Holsten, Paulaner, Guinness, Antares, La Fin du monde, and even some more strange as the Belgian Kwak. A good example of upholding the spirit of a pub.
League Fund 425, San Isidro / T. 4763-4827

Source: Planeta Joy