Interior Commerce Secretary Guillermo Moreno, met with representatives of the export sector to sign an agreement from which it can sell overseas 5 million tons of corn from February 15, 2011.

Since September, the companies were asking the government to open the export of maize and wheat and to surrender the permit to sell "better known as ROE, but the claim was served on Monday just 15 in a long match officials and exporters who remained in the Internal Trade Secretariat.

Of the meeting involved the president of the National Bureau of Farm Trade Control (ONCCA), Juan Manuel Campos, the Secretary of Agriculture, Oscar Solis, Maria Cristina Menendez, by the Directorate General of Customs, and the executive director of the Center for Exporters Cereals (CEC), Alberto Rodríguez.

Both sectors agreed that the exportable surplus of maize for the 2010/2011 crop is 5 million tons and coordinated the participation of all stakeholders, both public and private, in the various monitoring to be carried to a future opening of quotas Export to expand the exportable surplus.

"We agree with the Government's action, but we would have liked to open more export 5 million tonnes to be sold are the least exportable surplus that the Government could open" to this newspaper yesterday said Rodriguez.

The employer reported that, according to their data, there will be a production of around 25 million tonnes of maize next season and only 8 million tons are consumed in the domestic market, so the rest could be exported in its entirety. "According to our calculation, the exportable surplus is 17 million tonnes. We therefore hope that the Government allows a greater quantity for export. "

The price of corn, both for the producer to purchase the wholesale market, will be published by the Ministry of Agriculture on the business day preceding the date of invoice.