Barça-Madrid is a high voltage game which always arouses a great media interest both on and off the field. While in the field will be measured two best teams in the league, in the stands the girlfriends of rival soccer as the most beautiful. And in that battle is the Majorcan Malena Costa, Carles Puyol girlfriend.

The tandem footballer-model is in vogue: Leo Messi out with Antonella Rocuzzo while his alter ego in the white team, Cristiano Ronaldo, does the same with the explosive Irina Shayk. Another 'classic' Football is Sara Carbonero, girlfriend of Iker Casillas.

Malena Costa, the 'supermodel' Majorcan, which occupies the heart of the defense culé, awake most of the same media interest Carbonero since beginning his relationship with Puyol, in fact the media keeps him any movement forward. Can he outshine the bride Casillas?

The other unknown, apart from knowing who will win the match, is whether Carles, if unchecked, will return to dedicate the goal to his girlfriend.