The Argentina striker and Manchester City of England, Carlos Tevez, said he was tired of football and confessed that he considered ending his career with three or four years.
"People get tired of football I'll play three or four more years in Europe and simply do not want to play more, but I do not want to play more seriously," Tevez told Radio La Red in the program A good time was issued on Wednesday Finally.
The player, aged 26, admitted however that still has fun on the court, but did not hide his annoyance to all that surrounds football.
"I won it, now I do not put up with certain things. I still I still having fun on the court but I'm not to continue supporting things," he said without giving further details.
Tevez returned to dispel rumors in the press refect British realized that the player is going through a depressive.
"If I was not happy I could not play like I'm playing now. I'm fine and happy here. ... People know how it is. I've never been to psychologists. Let them say what they want, but I'm not dirty," he said.
The striker, who was born and raised in an impoverished neighborhood of Buenos Aires, reneged on this and felt that fame and money they won thanks to his ability in football took its toll on a personal level.
"Having money is losing the stimulation of people who love you. You lose a lot of people that you had to hand and you missed you too. I'd rather be the one before and live in the neighborhood who live this life," he said.