Would be to design an index of prices nationwide. He said that a state with no deficit is "an engine of the economy and announced a meeting with the Paris Club for early December. Also denied that there is "a budget crisis."

The Argentine government asked the International Monetary Fund (IMF) "assistance" for the design of a price index at the national level. The order comes amid the questioning of the credibility of the indices developed by the Statistics and Census Institute (INDEC).

On the other hand, Boudou said that "in early December" will be a meeting with the Paris Club debt that the country has with the agency. "We will seek to move as quickly as possible to resolve" the issue, said the Minister, and reiterated that the negotiations for more than 6,700 million dollars owed by the country will be "serious, reasonable and consistent with our chances." He added "When a State has no deficit in their accounts, it becomes an engine of economic growth."

Besides, the minister ruled out the existence of a "budget crisis" in 2011. "If the project is approved, the government will use all legal tools to continue managing," he said.