After going public with his concerns about continuity in football, the Apache license requested 10 days to Manchester City, where he plays the English team, to come to Argentina while recovering from an injury. Rumors suggest that he would be crossing a state of depression which had requested psychological help, for being away from his two daughters and his girlfriend, Brenda Asnicar.

I started playing when I was very young and always fought a lot, but now I'm feeling the effort. Then I think: 'What happens if I miss the game while good in my life? ". I do not know if this is going to be in a month, one year, three or five years. Maybe one day I wake up and say 'no more football. " I'm playing in England for five years and did not spend a single Christmas or New Year with my family. I'm not enjoying the life of footballer. "

These statements by Carlos Tevez (26) when averaged in October triggered a warning in the Apache environment. And these days were increased when former Boca striker asked for a leave of 10 days at Manchester City, the English team which currently plays to come to Argentina while recovering from an injured right quadriceps. "Your heart goes out to his family. His daughters are there. When you feel that your country calls you, you do everything to return, "confessed the paraguayoRoque Santa Cruz, Tevez partner in the European club.

The rumors suggest that Charlie would be through a state of deep depression that would have asked for psychological help (the last week here, he visited three times to his therapist: <"Why am I feeling this?", Would have consulted), sorry spending so much time away from his people and his beloved country. Above all, his three loves: his daughters Florence (5) and Katie (8 months), the fruits of his relationship with Vanessa Mansilla (27) and actress Brenda Asnicar (19), his current partner.

On Wednesday 3, then to get a good dose of affection to his people and to play golf in a country package of northern Buenos Aires, the player returned to England, to 11,200 kilometers of happiness. In his happiness, talking about Charlie's saying.