Fabio "La Mole" Moli surprised the jury with a great performance and took the highest score of the night with 37 points, which put him near Bethlehem Francese on top of what goes round Aqua Dance.

Marcelo program began advancing that would get to the pools along with the jury: "Today I brought the Sung", he predicted. On the final which was encouraged Moria Casan, who accidentally lost some of its extensions in the water.

Peter and Paula mouth was challenged him

The driver approached the couple of times, "Peter" and Paula Alfonso Chaves, together on one side of the track, and the model admitted his surprise at the statements of Peter to People magazine about the intention to marry. "It's very soon," said Chaves. Peter continued confessing "their plans" and believed that to live with it "I would go back to the neighborhood" and that it planned to "five children." "Have you talked to her?" Said Tiner. "No, but let's talk," said the producer.

Farro and failed action

Farro Monica came to replace Paula Chaves, and before the inquisitorial Tinelli said not to be going again with producer Jorge "el negrito" Luengo and said "we are having fun every man for himself."

Then danced Show Must Go On Queen with Alejandro Gallego and a number of slips of the male dancer played against qualifying punctuation. Graciela Alfano (8) was the first to say: "I am very proud of the quality of artists who have reached this stage," but with respect to the performance noted certain difficulties in two tricks and note said "anger" of the couple so. Marcelo Polino was "a failed performance" before hiding your secret ballot.

Pachano (5) praised the core and the beauty of bodies in the water but could not ignore the mistakes: "They have a lot to improve," he said. "You had the voltage more sensual of all that happened," said Reina Reech (6) by way of encouragement Farro to frustration in the pools, but said that "when I have to be fair vote."

Moria Casan (6) praised the aesthetic "strongly gym" Monica, and told him notice her anguish not only for dancing but also by "the comments you had made your guy (her ex Jorge Luengo) out at night ". "I also go out," said Farro with the comment, but accepted that "in all separation must mourn." Then he scored several errors Moria to the performance. Total: 25 points.

The Mole is friends with the water

Fabio La Mole Moli came to look for pirate treasure and his running mate. Had been beaten a lot in one trial the aquarium dance, where he had to leave. And once again stated his dislike for water. "I tell the kids (your kids): If you do not want, do not swim!; But the 'Black' takes them in tow!" Was fun.

He said that when he was young his father was enforced only with the look and "he could not say no to anything, because before I got up and hit a kick in the c. .." The conversation with Tinelli derived foods of childhood and confessed to having been raised Mole "eating bugs, porridge and rice pudding" (...) "Now how easy and will give them a yogurt," criticized the mothers of today. "I hate yogurt!", I would say later.

Tinelli also noted that he had cut his nails and asked if he "made them" with a pedicure, which caused the hilarity of The Mole, "I am mataco, Culiao, look I'm going to use pedicure" reacted the boxer , also rejected the use of creams and other care of modern man. "Never a bubble bath, a sauna?" He said Marcellus. And the Mole was gracefully in a sauna experience where "I got there, I stood still and I ca ... heat," he concluded.

The Mole and Conci Mariana danced "Amazing" by Aerosmith and received an ovation from the stands at the end. A jump to "nail" in The Mole during the performance surprised everyone Tinelli order and he repeated the boxer.

To qualify, Alfano praised "the courage of The Mole and the gold partner that you have" and gave him ten. Polino said he loved the show. Pachano (7) highlighted the work of coach and wished him "to hopefully reach the final." Reech (10) noted "the great effort and the evolution" of Moli and put the highest mark. Moria Casan (10) said that what had happened between them (in their last exchange of opinions) was outdated and that the "performance was hypnotic" also highlighted the mentality of Cordoba to commit more and more: "You stop being amateur and you're becoming a professional dancer. " There was also praise for Conci. Total: 37 points and La Mole achieved the highest score on the third night of dance aquarium.

Before leaving, he gave a Moli Tinelli a Boca shirt with the signature of Martin Palermo. "I want to watch a game with San Lorenzo Boca in La Bombonera," said the boxer, and reaped the Tinelli charged for "paternity" of the "crow" about the team Boca Juniors. The program ended with Moria Casan who plunged into the pool, and lost some of its extensions in the water.