Mauricio Macri, Head of Government of Buenos Aires and professional imitator of Freddie Mercury, his marriage suffered during an attack of suffocation if swallowed by accident the mustache he had bought to delight the audience with a new leader imitation of Queen.

It happened when, in the middle of the party, the former president of Boca Juniors took the stage to give to his new wife, textile designer Juliana Awada, a mini recital. Is the first song? Something, the Beatles classic by the late George Harrison.

Then come the scare. "Here has been my friend Freddie to sing something," said the leader of the PRO who with a flick managed to get the fake mustache and surprise, once again, to all present.

What happened next was able to upset the crowd. According to Jorge Rial told from your account on the Twitter social network, in the middle of the first theme, Macri wanted to take a breath and he accidentally swallowed his mustache.

The music stopped and the politician began to choke causing panic among those present. Fortunately for Mauritius, the Minister of Health of Buenos Aires, Jorge Lemus, rushed and performed first aid protocol.

But none of it worked and the officer advised him to make the effort and swallowed his mustache. With a little water, the head of the Buenos Aires government finally managed to get well and return to the party.

Does the recital? Cancelled, of course.