As all recognition finally arrives after a long series of setbacks and frustrations, the Emmy last night made by CQC in New York is, in principle, an award for perseverance. Far from responding to the merits of any particular instance (name, section, report), we face an award that supports an entire career.

The Emmy nominations include, in the case of CQC, more than half the time the program has been in the air. No less than nine in fifteen seasons, set (mostly the latter) to several changes of names, sections and even approaches. What prevailed in this case is the continuity of a style, it also displays its status as an added value of effective export product.

Would be equally wrong, at the same time, take to the letter that the data obtained CQC television equivalent of an Oscar in a category of flashing at first sight as ambiguous as "non-scripted entertainment." That does not seem confusing qualification other than the international continuity mistake so often annoyed Mario Pergolini on the eve of each delivery of the Martin Fierro. "CQC is a news program or humorous? Could share a triad with key time, for example?
It was always difficult to place in a television genre CQC more or less recognized. And much more, following the logic of the nominations for the Emmy-winner when the program is now largely replaced the script with his ace of spades, this extraordinary work of assembly and post-production work at the same time as soul, essence, substance and material premium for its staging and editorial.

* * *

All changes and continuities of CQC are explained from this subordination to the creative possibilities in the editing table by the team led by Cune Miller, a real handyman style cycle. Is what remains the face of successive variations of the formula with which CQC satirical and addresses current challenges, ranging from the irreverent game regardless of recipients of his early years to the visible pleasure that black men were in as high power for most of the stage Kirchner.

The concern of the program to denounce the inaction of the authorities regarding events that cause a visible deterioration in the quality of city life (the "Protest Ya!") Answered the same oscillations that bite so rendidora to which drew on to make clear wrongdoing was eventually turned into a parody out of place, to bring to end the use of disguises and taunts. The more advanced the cartoon, the less work the complaint.

With these gray areas define the identity of CQC, owner since last night one of the most important awards achieved in recent times television in Argentina