Customs and AFIP personnel arrested three foreigners trying to bring drugs into Europe. Two Lithuanians were arrested at the airport in Cordoba and a Colombian Capital Federal.

The imagination of the drug to commit crimes without limit. Staff of the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) and the Customs detained at the airport in Cordoba three foreigners who planned to leave the country with 8 kilos of cocaine hidden in chocolate bars.

Customs officers arrested two Lithuanian youths carrying in their luggage for a brand of chocolate, who hid drugs of excellent quality, as the researchers said.

Simultaneously, in Capital Federal, raided a downtown hotel in Buenos Aires, where they seized a third involved in the operation: a Colombian citizen who would be responsible for the band.

The drug is valued at 315,000 euros.

The procedure took place in Cordoba International Airport. According to a statement from the AFIP, the three foreigners were scheduled to make stops in Santiago (Chile) and Madrid (Spain), before arriving in Amsterdam (Netherlands), which was its final destination.

The three detainees with substance kidnapped and the evidence were made available to the Federal Court No. 2 of Córdoba.