Claudia Ciardone, current partner Ricardo Fort, confessed that she had a relationship with Carlos Tevez in the months before and after the World Cup.

"I left with Tevez, before, during and after the World Cup, unexpectedly revealed the former Big Brother in a telephone conversation with Jorge Rial.

While the call was directed to the explanation of a video in which she appears with a witch, the real surprise came when in the middle of the conversation Claudia said: "When I visited Mary (" The Witch ") I and Carlos was dating. "

Justifying his silence for several months, and knowing that just throw a bomb, said: "At the time I refused because I do not care to speak and I heard that you appoint a player, so I say. True, I was before world during and after, until I learned I had a parallel relationship and ended all ties with that guy. "

If the accounts do not fail, parallel relation to which it refers is the one that started the Manchester City in July, with Brenda Asnicar, the 18-year tenure at "Ugly Duckling."