Is that Brenda Asnicar and Francisco Basbús have relevant roles in Dream with me, the strip which starts today, Telefé, and in Santiago del Estero will be televised on Channel 7.

The actor Santiagueño Basbús Francisco, continues to add in your career. Starting today, at 18, Telefé begin issuing Dream Me The song of your life!, Nickelodeon production, Televisa and Ilussion Studios where the young artist has a prominent role.

Starring young Mexican star Eiza Gonzalez and Argentina's Santiago Ramundo, this sitcom fill the vacancy left by Casi Angeles. In this strip, will Basbús the skin of a mathematics teacher to mediate the relationship of the figures in this novel also features a performance by Brenda Asnicar.

Dream With Me tells the story of two teenagers, Clara (Eiza Gonzalez) and Luca (Santiago Ramundo), who along with his group of friends are willing to do anything to fulfill her dreams. She has 16 years, hiding from his parents, he notes in a musical reality show looking to devote as an artist.

To be eligible to invent a character: Roxi Pop On the other hand, Luca 17 years is an idealist and a talent for music but has no artistic training. Has a band with his friends. Luca and Clara met and an incident leads them to be treated like dog and cat.
But while in the student life fight, Roxi Pop, with his sweet voice, captivates Luca on TV who is unaware that is actually the same Clara. Despite their different versions of the world, love and music that their fates will be.

A special teacher

What is the role that Basbús in this story? "It's Professor of Mathematics at the school that develops the story of two teens (Clara and Luca) who want to realize their dreams," he said in a telephone interview with PURA VIDA, Francisco Basbús.

"And this I write mathematics teacher enters prominently carved. It also has a personal relationship with one of the girls. It is the story more adult in this soap opera, "forward this actor who was forged in the ranks of Cris Morena.

"My character, this math teacher in love with Teresa (Florencia Benítez), the girl who runs the bar at the school where actions are carried out, fought for his love with another teacher, who eventually went on a trip to the strip. So they hired one of my best friends Guido Massri to be the new tip of this love triangle, "said the former star of Summer of 98.

The counterpart

With Massri, Basbús had worked in two chapters of the Philip's Bakery. Now, in Dream with me, are counterpart. "I am very pleased that working together was a score to settle with us. 10 years ago that we know. He was filming a pilot for a strip which never was done but that pushed us to become good friends, "he recalled, a pure life, the star of Rebelde Way.

"So now we are in this series as a counterpart, a lot of fun for both. Really had a good time, "said former Argentina is on the soap opera Romeo and Juliet.

Francisco drew parallels to Dream with me with the proven formats High School Musical and Hannah Montana. "It's a healthy history, no cheap shots, full of positive messages and no sex scenes. Is a strip to the public child and adolescent, "he said.

"I appear from chapter 48 onwards. I suppose that, in late January 2011, begin to have a strong presence in the teen telenovela currently emits Nickelodeon, at 19. Will air for this display until Dec. 17, "remarked Francis Bass, as his artistic name.