The model and host Argentina Zaira Nara grabbed the Golden Rose Ball 2010 at Larissa Riquelme, the Paraguayan known as the World's girlfriend, who was haranguing his fans via Twitter for the vote to her.

After several weeks head to head in the third edition of the contest, the girlfriend of Diego Forlan was able to make a difference of 66 votes Larissa Riquelme at the last moment and beat 11 finalists from which were also Pamela David and her own sister Wanda.

The Golden Rose Ball is a kind of honorary award set up by Sport Magazine as the counterpart of the Golden Ball, which this year won for the second time the Argentinean Lio Messi. Aims to choose the WAG, as is known in England wives and girlfriends of footballers, most beautiful moment. In 2008, the big winner was Jesica Cirio.

Lots of people congratulated Zaira Nara through his Twitter and she thanked him with humility. In contrast, Larissa is called silence.
The vote, in numbers

1 .- Zaira Nara, Forlan's girlfriend - 18%
2 .- Larissa Riquelme, 'bride' World - 18%
3 .- Melissa Satta, Vieri's girlfriend - 12%
4 .- Sara Carbonero, Casillas's girlfriend - 12%
5 .- Pamela David, a fan of Argentina - 9%
6 .- Sara Tomassi, a friend of Ronaldinho, 7%
7 .- Wanda Nara Women's Maxi Lopez, 7%
8 .- Sylvie Meiss, wife of Van der Vaart, 5%
9 .- Zahia Dehar, a friend of Ribéry, 5%
10 .- Alessia Ventura, Inzaghi's girlfriend, 4%
11 .- Han Yifei, Larissa impersonator, 3% (Teleshow)