The CGT-San Lorenzo, in line with Moyano, prevents the terminals work where soybean processors in the world. The union leaders threatened that if no solution to their wage demands may also cut routes.

The trade union dispute that for 6 days blocked the ports of Gran Rosario and causing millions in losses. The president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services San Lorenzo noted that "we are holding 100 people work at 5000 workers who belong to the union of oil. The oilers are not affiliated with unemployment. This is a situation where you lose all. "

Alberto Jacobson, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of San Lorenzo, said that "if we consider that oil plants of Gran Rosario 110 000 tonnes per day milling of grains and soy ton costs $ 500, we can realize losses are millionaires. To this we add that there are about 30 boats unemployed suffer a fine of $ 60 000 per day. "

In dialogue with LT10, Jacobson added that "if one calculates that for every three ships, the Government has withheld one, imagine the country as being lost."

The CGT San Lorenzo continues today with pickets remain paralyzed the terminals through which exports most of the world oil production.

The unionists are calling for a minimum wage of 5,000 pesos for workers in the terminals, since there are disparities between what they perceive in the different branches and for those who are permanent staff.

Walter Cabrera, secretary general of the CGT-San Lorenzo said today that no solution because there is no dialogue.

"Any drastic measure you can take these oilers, will further aggravate the situation because we are not going to lift. Cause we do not because we're going to raise their hands and we were going to cut routes. The solution is to sit down and talk, if the policies do not sit around talking not going to reach a solution, "Cabrera threatened by Radio El Mundo.

Thus, the conflict continues without intervention by the provincial and national authorities and promises to worsen in the absence of dialogue with union representatives and increasing the volume of losses.