There are some signs of fatigue. I'll put the best are. " Arequipa sunshine that burns as few times since the start of the tournament, Walter Perazzo reports some rotation of the third game face Argentina. Where to beat Venezuela, the national team would get a pass to the hexagonal defining which two teams will qualify for the Olympics and four World Cup Colombia. The guys closed their participation in the first round on Monday against Chile.

There will be a change sung: the Argentine left back, will replace Nicholas Lucas Rodríguez Tagliafico, expelled to Peru. Wait until the last minute developments Leonel Galeano, who carries a beat. Failure to reach their place is taken by Leandro Pires González, arming and a central defense with two players trained in River.

Fatigue that drags Juan Iturbe could open the door to Rodrigo Battaglia to debut as a starter. It is also likely that Claudio Mosca rest and let him place to Mauro Diaz.

In Venezuela, which drew 1-1 with Uruguay in the debut, highlights the particular history of the central John Chancellor, whose father Carlos, Sifontes mayor is a political prisoner in 2005 to accompany a protest of miners. Before traveling to Peru, John gave him his burgundy shirt his father.