Carlos Perciavalle, Uruguayan famous comedian, admitted that in the seventies met Adolf Hitler in Bariloche (Argentina)

According to the story, the comic was in the company of actress China Zorrilla and were invited by the owner of the hotel El Casco to a meeting. There, in a room full of Germans, the pair have spotted Hitler, of course, kept its characteristic mustache.

"We were doing a play of Maria Elena Walsh and went to a hotel called El Casco. The waiter at the hotel tells us that the owner recognized us and we wanted to say hello. They took us outside and we face a wall 25 meters high, opened the gate and appeared twelve dogs doberman petrified left us ", said the comedian told the FM radio Uruguayan Riviera.

"What followed? "We entered a huge house that was full of Germans and seated in the center were Hitler and Eva Braun. China and I stayed silent. Hitler still had his mustache as always, we look each other with panic and decided to leave quickly. Neither we sit, because we feel terror at the mere presence of that evil being" he added.

After the meeting, the pair decided not to talk about it but Perciavalle said: "Hitler lived six months in Argentina and six months in Chile."

We have to tell that the comic after suffering a car accident said he was healed by extraterrestrials.

Via Minuto Uno