Argentina's economy tends to dislodge the best analysts. Proof of this is the famous phrase of Paul Samuelson:? In the world there are four types of countries: developed, undeveloped, Japan and Argentina?.

So, who knew how to revolutionize the economy and won the Nobel Prize in 1970, noted that the country had a performance worthy of a particular study. However, even in Argentina, there are certain parameters for the investor to consider before making a decision.

The Price / Eearning is one of them, since it relates the market price to earnings per share for the latest balance sheet presented to each company.

In fact, is one of the most widely used by all analysts to identify buying opportunities.

Since then, the lower the ratio, the lower the share price over the revenues generated and therefore could be said that the company is cheap.

But sometimes cheap is expensive. So before you grab the little monkey to go shopping at the supermarket share of May 25 and Sarmiento, should take precautions regarding the roles that are in liquidation, which then could become cheaper still. As with all offers when we go shopping, check the expiration date is key and then not having to pull the product because it expired the following day.

Led to the stock market, you should know that the Price / Earning is a very useful element, but as long as one is making comparisons within the same sector. We can not mix apples with caramel, but some do and like.

? In the banking segment, for example, French is who has the best ratio, making it the most attractive for investing, as it is the most likely to go up you have?, Says Adrian Rivas financial analyst at brokerage Tavelli.

In his opinion,?? This is because last year the paper was one of the least climbed into the item bank, as no reaction was that bull who held the Galicia, the river and the Mortgage?.

In fact, the critical factor to consider is not so much the Price / Earning past, but the projected profit for the future. Many analysts calculated according to estimated earnings forecast for the company.

The ratio serves as a barometer for how the company is, as a kind of diagnosis, as EBITDA is used.

It is also useful to see how the ratio over the years in the company. If the company has a good balance, the Price / Earning be moved up.

Mills, for example, is the company with the highest ratio, which comes to 42.5 as it climbed by 36% so far this year. Paper is the second highest growth, behind Ledesma, who had an increase of 37%. ? Is because, along with YPF, were the new entrants to the panel's Merval. The international investment funds that should replicate the index of Argentine securities market are forced to buy the new roles and sell the ledges to go accommodating your portfolio?, "Explains Rivas.

According to a ranking prepared by the Instituto Argentino de Mercado de Capitales, the company Price / Earning lower Highways of the Sun, with 0.77, it has a debt that weighs heavily in December and recently returned to the Merval after more than a year without trading.

Followed Siderar? A role that is very inexpensive, which is a good chance of entering interesting values, since it operates in dollar sales and has very good assets, so in the medium term and should bear lake fruit? believes Sergio Ilzarbe, financial advisor Investing Online. In third place is Caputo, the builder who is in charge of the new Casino de Carrasco in Montevideo, followed by Grimoldi, one of the gems of last year.

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