Before the departure of Eugene Smith's "Almost Angels"had to recycle your computer and lost no time. The new member has a name Rocío Rochi "Igarzabal. This beautiful young woman joined the team yesterday.

Teen Angels now are: Rochon, Mariana Esposito, Nicolas Riera, Gastón Dalmau and Peter Lanzani.

The debut of the new team will happen in the beautiful Punta del Este. Is that next Saturday will release team member in a show under the Conrad. Lali So, Peter, Kevin and Nicholas will welcome on stage the new blonde.

Eugenia Suarez (Viale Nacho's girlfriend) decided to leave the band to pursue new career. She published a long letter on Twitter where everyone says goodbye and thanks.

Although it is said that all ended well the letter hints at some details. Is that she mentioned an alleged "disappointment"and speaks of "incompatible poles. "

The Band of Angels Almost all the rage for years. Already has 7 albums released and more than 500 presentations at various theaters around the world. Besides winning several awards.