John Cusack is in our country and they say, became fascinated with the beauty of this woman, Dolores "Lola"Fernández.

Actress and model, Lola is known for having the role of "Martha, " the irreverent niece uncle sick sensually played by the genial actor Luis Brandoni in "Waiting for the Float 2. " Before, he had acted in "The Result of Love", the film Elisha Subiela, playing Veronica.
Actress and performing arts director received from the CIC (Centre for Film), Lola studied with Cristina Banegas, Julio Chávez and José María Muscari, who directed her in "Electra Shock, " "Ugly Beauty" and "Failure Fashion. " In 2008, also was host of the CM ranking.

A local beauty and began her journey to fame.

Source Exitoina