Marcelo Tinelli is working to convince Tyson and Maradona to be part of its "Dancing with the Stars 2011."

His producer Paul "El Chato" Prada told "We are negotiating with Mike Tyson. is one of the international figures that we would have. It is not clear, but there are negotiations, "
"With Diego Maradona we had a meeting when he was playing football with Marcelo Tinelli's farm in Punta del Este. It spoke of other projects, but it is also mentioned the possibility of having it on Dancing. By now it was only talk, but he did not say no "

Maradona has already participated in 2005's "Ball with le Stelle" (Dancing with the Stars), the Italian version of the format made popular in Argentina Tinelli. This video shows a compilation of the participation of ten in the cycle of RAI:

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