The first derby of the year was for the Boca Juniors, which showed the order and intensity that announces its new coach. Colazo and Palermo, the figure of the court along with Javier Garcia scored the goals. Jota Jota team lacked ideas in attack.

Boca gave the first great joy Falcioni cycle. With a raise of the likes about his new coach, the team won 2-0 in Xeneize River, which has only recently cornered his opponents and generated a lot of danger, to make Javier Garcia in the figure of the game.

River took the field with the script learned from the last game of the opening, with a lot of pressure to retrieve the ball, play with more fight and then see what happened when I had. The difference was that he met another Boca, who accepted willingly fight and added vigor in attack. Thus, the pressure Jota Jota team lasted just five minutes and five minutes later, was at a disadvantage. Mouche endured the ball down the right and waited for the arrival of Chavez, which overflowed and sent a cross to the penalty spot, where Palermo was unable to resolve, but managed to assign to the entry of Colazo, which underwent a tremendous left-footed shot Carrizo.

With the difference, Boca plan solidified, while the River vanished completely, and there was nothing to press and, by contrast, appeared to target limitations in confined spaces. Therefore, the main arrivals of all detained Núñez ball arrived, but always collided with Garcia's safety.

On the other hand, with the serenity on the scoreboard, Falcioni those able to work the game. Well grouped at the bottom, with the strength of the core and the presence of Somoza and Rivero in the middle, Boca led the development to what he wanted, forcing his rival to take the lead. And when he found it messy, not pardoned: Clement climbed unmarked to the left and sent the center just for Palermo, who deflected the ball from behind the penalty spot and placed it into the far corner of Carrizo. Boca was more, but the difference was excessive.

At the start of the second half, the team went Falcioni willing to settle the match. And if not for Reed, he had. Goalkeeper masterfully covered her a header and a head to head to Palermo to leave River with a chance. As did not get the third goal, Boca chose to retreat back and allowed his opponent to take him ahead. And that's when Garcia appeared to support the winner, with three notable covered a Lanzini input to another address free of Lamela shot and the third with a header from Maida.