Faithfull Marianne was the victim of a robbery as he entered his house in Buenos Aires district of Martínez, Partido de San Isidro. The thieves, after loading in a car everything in their path, escaped. Still no arrests. The incident was sparked last Saturday at 751 Liberty Street, about four blocks from the Hippodrome of San Isidro.

Two offenders robbed the house of singer after he was intercepted in the garage of his home. After gunpoint, forced to enter the house, where the bound.

Without haste and with time, the attackers broke a laptop, cell phones, a film camera and silver. Then loaded everything into a waiting vehicle parked in front of the building, which fled without a trace.

Some neighbors heard strange noises and called the police. Within minutes, officers arrived at the site of the local police station who claimed that the singer had not been physically assaulted.