The federal judge in Quilmes, Luis Armella, decided the prosecution of Omar Merino, Jorge Hospital, Eduardo Belliboni and Miguel Morales for "bullying" the Ministry of Labour and UGOFE. " The court developed the line of "democratic security" provided by the intellectuals 'liberals' of the ruling, which is to apply the Criminal Code to those acting under a collective labor action in order to claim compliance with a formal commitment to with outsourced - but without the consent of the union bureaucracy. Similar actions under the patronage of the bureaucracy, are outside the 'democratic security'. The judge has not even considered the repeated failure of the resolution of integration to the outsourcing agreement Taken by - that was what motivated the tracks cut on Dec. 23 in the first place. Even after processing, such claims are absolutely outstanding.

This processing is imposed when there is the slightest investigation into the abuses occurred at the station Constitution, which were promoted by Pedraza to attack bureaucracy cut way of outsourcing. You have reached the point where UGOFE, an accomplice of the gang who murdered Mariano Ferreyra, instead of occupying the dock, is now listed as injured. This was the purpose of government from October 20: shift responsibility for the crime of Mariano Ferreyra at Mariano's political friends. The government closes its own circle in order to reassert its economic and political alliance with the union bureaucracy.

Do you encourage K scribes say that this process is 'functional' survival of Pedraza?

Do not let this outrage. Pay for the crime of Mariano Ferreyra.

Source Partido Obrero