After the abrupt and controversial departure of the bride Viale Nacho, Rocío joined the band Igarzabal and prepares for a year of music without the support of the telenovela.

After four successful years, Maria Eugenia Suarez decided to leave the band Teen Angels. Following the closure of the strip, home of the blonde musical group by choice decided to break into his career and, at any moment, surprised both his fans as the band with a controversial ad.

After denying a waiver and make public a letter that hints at the possibility of dismissal, the new member of the Legrand-Tinayre clan prepares for its incorporation into a new Telefe fiction, and when he turned away from the scenarios.

But time did not stop for the children of Cris Morena and, after four years of touring and recording, the band returns to the ring with the intention of surviving the television blackout. Something that not even tried to Erre Way, all born of the soap opera "Rebelde Way, which was composed of Luisana Lopilato, Felipe Colombo, Camila Bordonaba and Benjamin Rojas.

"I'm very happy because I get along with all the group is good. We have known for many years. Professionally, join a group as one of the members of the Teen Angels, is extremely motivating, "Rocío Igarzabal start, replacement of Suarez, in an interview with the magazine Caras.

After confirming that all were in contact with the girlfriend of Viale, the boys were quick to spread the scandal. "Just talked to today. I told him the day we'd had and could not believe it, "says Gastón Dalmau.

"We all have a say, but obviously, sometimes there are things that just annoy them and others do not. That happens in any group living. The show yesterday was weird, because it was the first thing we did not Eugene, although it is not uncommon Rochi-justified, because it has long been monitoring, "the blonde band.

For his part, Peter Lanzani, the "prettyboy" of the group, decided to speak on the subject but, this time in the magazine soon: "I was surprised. During holidays and we talked several times in Uruguay and she did not tell me anything. A Rochi the fans want, but those who are fans of Eugene, the bard a little on Twitter. "

"The reason for the separation? "The fans think that threw us or who sent the production, but nothing to do. I'm not very familiar with the details, it does not say what happened fgue. I prefer to stay out to not screw up" concludes