Through a letter released on her Twitter account, Maria Eugenia Suarez confirmed her resignation from the tour of "Teen Angels"

The letter said, verbatim:

Today I feel the need to express something publicly because I feel that ends a stage in my life.
Almost Angels was a very important part of my life was the beginning of my adolescence. This project grew, I learned, and I met people whom I will never forget. Nor will I forget the trip, the recordings, which we had fun, I'll never forget my classmates, who ended up becoming friends, each with its own personality. Each brought me something to always admire them as artists, but most of all as people. The girls, my friend of almost Angeles, which I banks were always there when needed, in good times and bad, with my joys and sorrows. The kids, my friends, the love too, thanks for not letting me sleep on travel tours with their cries, for making me laugh, for always being front me! Thanks for letting me share the stage at the Grand Rex, and the different scenarios throughout the country and abroad with you, are incredible, and it was an experience that will hopefully return to live and I will not forget me anymore. Thanks to all for taking care of production, restrain, challenge me haha, are you more! Thanks to all the technicians who were in all recordings from 6 am until evening if necessary, making us laugh, making it the shortest day, putting wave forever! To work out better!
Thanks to the directors, to create those amazing scenes!
Thanks to Chris, for having chosen the casting of "Rincon De Luz" and for allowing me to grow with it, thanks for teaching me that, thanks to RGB for trusting me and giving me this opportunity forever.
THANKS to you, the fans, without you this would not have been possible, thanks for following up the end of the world, from his letters, are really hardcore, thanks for jumping, shouting, mourn for all our shows. Thanks also to those who criticized us, we also learn from criticism! Thank you
have always been sincere! Thanks for joining me and supporting me in all my decisions, thanks for the posters in the theater, on the road. Thanks to the entire interior of the country, we always waited with joy! Thanks to all the people of the countries we visit and we always received with great affection and enthusiasm. Thanks to the countries that I have left to visit, I promise one day of my life to go! Maybe in a personal or professional!
I was happy, happy, happy!
But, it completed a cycle. The disappointment is great and there is something breaking.
Today I feel that this happened.
I promise that I NEVER give up anywhere, as I tell them, but I console myself with the understanding that life is constant change. There are two poles and two positions, which are now incompatible.
As Chris would say, "ALL END FOREVER ANNOUNCES A NEW BEGINNING. SURE see you again! "
I love you !!!!!!!! Hasta siempre