Integrated production of three films in one year national box office moved nearly three million viewers, and the handling of actors, directors and technicians of international level, among other things, are just some of the letters that wields Vanessa Ragone at the time of coming out film producer, Haddock Films.

But if all this is added the possibility that one of those films, "The secret of their eyes", by Juan José Campanella, is chosen to represent the country at the Oscars, "credentials" to take another color Ragone and located in a privileged place within the local film industry.

The other two films were also produced Haddock "Widows of Thursdays" Marcelo Piña and "night rider" with Leonardo Sbaraglia and Miguel Ángel Solá as the main protagonists.

"The Oscar nomination is like the final recognition to a team that began years ago when I first entered in this field to produce a film by Julia Solomonof" says Vanessa during his conversation with FORTUNE in his spacious office in the neighborhood Palermo. In this specific case was "Sisters", a movie that was filmed in 2005, a year that could be set as starting point for the company Ragone. "At first it was all very amateur, but since I was internalizing more on the subject, and while I proposed other productions, I was so excited that I put aside my real profession, which is the documentary, and I decided to open the production, "he adds.

And taking into account the results obtained with its last three productions, at least, the decision seemed more successful Ragone.

Anyway, she is responsible for the decibels down a little impact and said: "These are cases that do not usually happen. While one does everything to make it happen, nobody imagined that during the first weekend saw The Secret of almost 20 000 spectators. It is something unusual, "he says.


When consulting Ragone what the function of an executive producer within the film gear, the entrepreneur responds without hesitation: "To make the film possible." To which he adds: "It is also taking a project when in the paper and finding the financial resources necessary for the film can occur under the conditions that the film requires. The production range is wide. You can make movies of a certain size, of a certain size, to a targeted audience with a particular market expectation. But you can also make movies very different in size, superior. And on this niche is that we intend desarrollarmos. "Says Ragone.

Regarding the pursuit of these economic resources Vanessa explains: "In Argentina the only fund that provides credit to film is the Inca. A situation that from the beginning determines the kind of movies that can be done. If you intend to make films at a higher level, with a famous director and famous actors, which undoubtedly affects the box office numbers are another. "

According to the producer, the maximum subisidio Film Institute grants reach a million dollars, a figure when compared with two million euros to "cost" The Secret, plus another 500 thousand euros which demanded the release, the credit of the government agency "is short." And then comes into play the executive producer. "From that moment comes in the job of executive producer and where you see your wrist to get the resources to shoot."

In this sense, Vanessa realized that the best alternative is to seek foreign co-producers such as Calculus Films of Spain to film Campanella. "It's the only way. Banks, for example, will lend money to a 20% or 25% per annum which is impossible for the industry. Keep in mind that the return on investment just is produced, if it occurs, from one million viewers. Also wins when it comes down to DVD or sold abroad. The case of The Secret was unusual even in that. He began to earn money from the 600 000 spectators. "

Another alternative that Ragone was also sought closer to the television. "While we come to all, the only one interested in the project was Telefé. So he signed a contract for four films with partners a percentage point and second screen at launch. "

Beyond the Oscar nomination, Ragone cannons aimed at the realization of a new movie. It is "The death of Luciano B" and would be led by Adolfo Aristarain.

Source: Revista Fortuna