The woman who jumped from the top of a hotel and crashed into a taxi a few steps from the Obelisk, remains hospitalized in Argerich, with guarded prognosis.

The 32-year-old woman survived a fall from the floor 23 of a hotel in downtown Buenos Aires was still hospitalized in serious condition this morning at the Argerich hospital in the neighborhood of La Boca.

The spokesmen said the sector remained in the intensive care patient, identified only as Daniel at the request of his family, who also requested to hospital medical parts not broadcast on the health status of women.

The patient at that health facility, she underwent two operations yesterday, amidst which they removed part of a lung, left kidney and spleen.

Daniela fell at 10.20 on that day from the balcony 23 floor of the Crowne Plaza Panamericano, located on Calle Carlos Pellegrini, between Lavalle and Tucumán, a few meters from Obelisk.

Crashed into a taxi and suffered two broken hip, and a pneumothorax and other injuries after she was taken to hospital by ambulance Argerich System Emergency Care (SAME).

The general director of SAME, Alberto Crescenti, said the woman "fell like sitting and that saved her."

"Also, the cushions on the car roof," said Crescenti finally told the press. For its part, the curator of the third branch of the Federal Capital, Ariel Rei, said that Daniela "requested the services of hotel bathroom and then went to the floor 23, where the pool."

Meanwhile, other sources claimed that entered the case after saying she was going directly to that sector, for breakfast at the spa that works on that floor, which at that time were only responsible for the pool lifeguard and some boys.

"In that area can be accessed by anyone and in this place, there was a terrace where you shot," said Rei in line with the hypothesis of suicide attempt. Meanwhile, Miguel Cajal, 39, a taxi driver whose car fell on the woman and said he got off the vehicle "when he saw a policeman looked up."

"(The officer) told me there was a woman hanging from one hand (a balcony). At first I did not understand anything but when I realized the woman was already in free fall, "he said in a statement to the press.

The man completed: "Instinctively, I left the car and, a little later, I feel a noise like an explosion and I see her body sunk into the roof of my car."