The company Tierra del Fuego China Energy and Chemical will invest U.S. $ s1.000 million in that province for the construction of a chemicals production plant, a commercial port and a combined cycle power plant, which will build the Roggio Group.

The CEO of the company in China, Fernando Lin, along with business manager of Grupo Roggio, Gustavo Espinoza, was announced yesterday to the Minister of Industry, Debora Giorgi, the investment plan is the construction in Rio Grande City of a plant to produce urea, which will require an investment of 800 million dollars. Also constructed a power plant to generate 50 MW combined cycle to supply the company, which will consume an investment of U.S. $ s130 million, which would add the construction of a commercial port, with an investment of $ 70 million - from which the company plans to export part of their production to other markets.

The investment is part of the negotiations during the recent visit of the Minister to Beijing, where he met with Chinese Commerce Minister, Chen Deming, to address bilateral trade and investment. "This investment is the result of increased integration with China, which sees our country as a strategic destination for investment and will generate more value to our industry, import substitution and create hundreds of jobs," said Giorgi.

Lin, a Chinese businessman and naturalized Argentine who has spent more than forty years living in Argentina, said the company, which has 70% of its capital in the hands of the government of China, it was decided by the Group to take forward Roggio engineering works in Tierra del Fuego of this investment, and noted that work could start in March or April next.
Furthermore, in relation to investments, the employer announced the visit of the governor of the province of Xan Xi-where the company originates, for the act of commencement of works.
The plant in the industrial park emplazaría Violets and modality of its own port which will allow the company plans to transport the products through a tape "directly from the reservoir, making no move", thus avoiding damage to roads, the environment and cost of land transport.

The company has already begun with soil studies and entrepreneurship create more than one thousand direct and indirect labor. In addition, China's move does not rule out new investments in the region.
"With the Minister Chen Deming agree on the great opportunity that means the transnationalization of Chinese investments and opportunities that add value and Argentina to replace imports," said Giorgi.
For urea production technology be used in the plant fueguina KBR. You can submit the project for approval of the production process to Nation to work under the purview of the industrial promotion law as the objective, Lin explained himself, is that the product can enter the continent.

The company filed more than two years several investment projects on the island, including one connected with the industrialization of gas, that a couple of months was the center of a debate in the local legislature because of objections to the agreement that placed the DPP. Before the agreement had been challenged by the provincial government for the industrial gas companies export.