- The letter "CH" on characters created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños was at first chance. First a film director was nicknamed "Chespirito", then he used the word chamfer! and then came "The doctor Chapatín" until there was a chance. Chespirito notice this and continued to use the way these lyrics to many of his characters.

- It's called "Chavo del Ocho" because in the year 1971 this program was broadcast on Channel 8 in Mexico, was both the program's success, it happened to another channel Chespirito bigger name and had to find some excuse for the " 8 "invented so that Chavo lived in the apartment # 8, which gets its name.

- The "El Chavo del Ocho" was seen, on average, by 350 million people a week.

- When started the Popis character played by Florinda Meza, put her nasal voice, a few days a man Roberto Gomez told she would never see his show because his son had that problem and now all children he mocked at school. Roberto decided to disappear the character and a year later reinstated him in a normal voice.

- The presentation of the "Chespirito" in the 80's, was told by Gabriel Fernandez, the husband of Maria Antonieta de las Nieves "La Chilindrina."

- One day Pele Roberto Gómez call by phone to make the film "El Chavo", but Robert refused to take this character to the movies.

- During the course of the show, the actors never acted pointer.

- The film "Earthquake" Don Ramon wanted to go see Gloria, won the Academy Award for best special effects in 1974.

- When Don Ramon said: "Now we again won Tunisia" referred to the World Cup in Argentina in 1978, as Tunisia beat Mexico 3 to 1, in the first round of group B.

- In the episode where Don Ramón is a carpenter, asked Quico get him a cerrote, but says he can not bring it because the only one who knows is the Popocatepetl. This speaks volumes because the Popocatepetl, more than a hill, is a volcano located in the Cordillera Belt, southeast of Mexico City. It has an imposing height of 5 452 and says it serves large extraterrestrial activity. Numerous sightings have been reported to the Mexican UFO hovering this colossus.

Mr. Valdez is one of the few actors who have the art in the veins and are able to laugh and to mourn, to make us feel compassion, but also opposition. My heartiest congratulations sr. Valdez from up there where people are watching.
Ramon Gomez Valdez Castillo was born almost 80 years, exactly in 1923. A native of Mexico City, was married three times and had several children, among whom are Gabriela, Carmen and Aracely Valdez. You could say that his biggest success was incarnate Don Ramón as he became known in countries so remote that he never imagined.

However, as we can see in the series, the character of Don Ramón not always followed in the neighborhood, but walked away with Carlos Villagrán to Venezuela for the series "Oh that Rico!" and "Federrico", but the success did not accompany him in these seasons, a fact that made him return years later to the "Chespirito"
Like many colleagues in the series, after Chavo recordings of eight terms, began to work independently, without opening the character that brought him to fame. So visit the different cities of the Interior of Mexico with his circus.
Mr. Valdez acquaintances say, was much like the character we see on screen. He liked to wear comfortable clothes, was grumpy and even many of the phrases used in the series were part of everyday vocabulary. So, perhaps many of us actually met the great man who made us laugh for years and still does.
Lung cancer claimed the life of this great man on August 9, 1988 at the age of 65.
Valdez thank you very much for all that meant for all of us who follow his work. Thanks for the smiles to the tune of "Do not give other just because ..." and much much more.

Reporting the death of Ramon Valdez of the newspaper 'El Nuevo Dia' of Puerto Rico (1988). Don Ramon was one of the 2 best characters he ever had 'El Chavo del 8' ...
Mourns the neighborhood of Chavo "

So the news commented Mexican newspaper

MEXICO CITY - Ramon Valdez, the popular "Ron Damon" of the television series "El Chavo del Ocho," died yesterday in Mexico City, said a spokesman for the Hospital Santa Elena.

Valdez died yesterday morning of a heart attack victim, after being hospitalized for a month.

The popular actor was born in Mexico City 64 years ago and was a leading actor in a box over several decades.

"Ron Damon" was a member of a large artistic family, headed by Germain died also Valdez "Tin Tan", considered the best of all times in its suburb comic specialty.

Next to "Tin Tan" signed many films, several of whom spoke his other brother, Manuel "El loco" Valdez, which is one of the stars of Mexican television.

Ramon Valdez in film and Latin America achieved national fame with his participation in the series "El Chavo del Ocho," in which she performed over several years with Roberto Gomez Bolaños "Chespirito", Maria Antonieta de las Nieves "La Chilindrina" and Carlos Villagrán "Kiko." Next to the latter recently presented in Mexico.

In early August, Ramon Valdez underwent an operation of the coccyx.

- When Don Ramon Valdes died, Angeline Fernandez (The Witch 71), was the only one who spent two hours standing by the coffin of Ramon. Throughout the vigil said: "My Rorro, my Rorro." They were personal friends and they both wanted a lot.

- The daughters of Ramon Valdes commented: "For his personality, he thinks that" Don Ramon "was a strong character, but it was only when he got angry. And when she scolded" Quico "and" Chilindrina "resembles a lot like if he was off camera, spontaneous and very funny. In fact, the phrases said in the program were the same as those used at home: "Do not give other more because we ...". Another important fact is that he dressed so in real life, with their jeans, cotton sandpipers, he loved feeling fresh and comfortable. "

- In 1971, Chespirito Carlos Villagrán told to choose a costume as a child because it would make the character of "Quico", and Carlos found the sailor suit, but not wanting to look like "Chabelo" donned a cap and Chespirito was with asked him how I could also mention: With or without the inflated cheeks, to which Roberto preferred to the inflated cheeks.

- In 1973 he gave the temporary withdrawal of Maria Antonieta de las Nieves of the cast of Chavo del Ocho, as it decided to go to work at Channel 13 in Mexico in a variety show that she was driving and was called "Pampa Pipitzin" . Was unsuccessful and returned with Chespirito.

- In a TV Chespirito denounced the kidnapping of which he says was a victim in 1973. It says:
"Many years ago, when there was not an office to record ideas, I wrote a film script which spoke of a girl moving objects, shaking and jumping on the bed, possessed. Later, he left the book and movie" The Exorcist. "

- In "The supergeniuses of the Square Table" Chespirito created doctor "Chapatín Chespirito" (predecessor of Dr. Chapatín), right there included Ruben Aguirre, that by Professor Ruben Aguirre Jirafales, and an actor from the beginning it seemed good Ramon Valdez, which marked an intellectual thrown a little alcohol, called "Ingeniebro Ramón Valdés Al .. Aniz Tirado." All were part of a table "square" where did parodies of the news of the day and pretended to read letters, giving nonsensical answers.

- There is a story that has Chespirito visibly moved, on the verge of tears, in which he describes as a man who was sick, unable to speak was fascinated to see the Chapulin Colorado, and always, confined to his bed, it is not lost. Doctors found no explanation for their condition and problems can not speak, but one day, watching the show, the man said: "Grasshopper" and started laughing, leaving their family impacted and the doctors. This makes knowing Chespirito in an interview he gave to the "Today", made by Andrea Legarreta, and this story came to Mr. Bolaños through a letter he wrote the family of the patient.

- Some years ago, Carlos Villagran went to Argentina to make a presentation at a circus. Of course I played the Quico. In the middle of the presentation, undesirable people began to steal, but police could find them. But here's the incredible, Villagran, Quico their clothes up, stopped the show and apologized break to mourn all the people that was in place (which was not her fault).

Another cheer Edgar acnedota here in a well-known channel is:
On 03.04.2008 at 2:14:40, vicentico27 wrote:
On the other hand you knew that warren is gay edgar know that as I Telefe special effects ... the record came here and used a novel facilities and walked Telefe pursuing the technicians.

- Count Carlos Villagrán, and he had great friendship Ramón Valdés, Ramón being very ill in hospital still had his humor. Carlos Villagrán said: "We are up there in heaven" and Ramón Valdés said, "Do not be crazy down there in hell."

- El Chavo del 8, continued broadcasting without interruption through the 80's and 90's, but his last years saw a gradual loss of their original quality and its audience. In fact, most of the chapters that are broadcast in Latin America correspond to the programs of the 70's and early 80's when it was at its height of popularity. By the early 90's several protagonists of the cast leave the program because of health problems (Raul Padilla, Angeline Fernandez, Edgar Vivar), the scenes become slow and the humor is more visual lexicon. The obvious shabby Roberto Gomez, 70 years at the time, not make it appropriate to continue with paper, thus avoiding the camera up close and reduce the chapters into spaces within the weekly program "Chespirito". The last chapter was recorded in 1995, which closes the story of one of the most momentous American humorous television. With Roberto Gomez cancels all starring the same characters, to engage a producer, writer and stage actor.

- Total chapters are there in the same Roberto Gomez Bolaños are 1278 (counting the episodes Chavo del 8, Chapulin Colorado, every appetizer and those belonging to the "Chespirito", but not all were saved, some chapters were lost over the years.

- In the conversation we had the creators of the site with Rubén Aguirre (Prof Jirafales), Ramón Valdés told us that was always late to the recordings of the program and no way to make it work. We also note that Ramón Valdés and "Don Ramón" have the same personality and even if you did a personification of scientific, doctor or any other profession, not to the same way that Don Ramon was in the neighborhood.

- The cartoons first Chavo Chapulin Colorado, were printed on Saturday, May 30, 1974 in Mexico. Out weekly and they cost 2 pesos, were sold in Mexico and neighboring countries.

- These stories, at first instance was written by Chespirito but later by his brother, Horacio Gómez.

- Roberto Gomez also wrote stories of Dr. Chapatín, and poop (The Chompiras and Botija). Years later came to cost between 4 and 6 pesos, and were also distributed in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

- Despite the departure of Ramon Valdez Carlos Villagran and the cast, Chespirito continued to use these characters in comics.

- The Italian translation of Chavo del 8 is "Cecco della Botte" and the names of the characters are "Cecco (El Chavo)", "Next Bartolomeo (Don Ramon)", "Chicco (Quico)", "Prof . Cacciapalle "," Chiquirita "and" The Strega's 71. "

- The Portuguese translation of the character del Chavo del 8 en: Chaves (Chavo), Kiko (Quico), Seu Madruga (Don Ramón), Professor Girafales (Prof. Jirafales), Senhor Barriga (Mr. Barry), Dona Clotilde a Bruxa do 71 (Doña Clotilde) and Chiquinha (the Chilindrina).

- The character "Nono" was created by Edgar Vivar.


Carlos Villagran was born on January 12, 1944. Always be remembered for his great work of gestualización, everyone remembers that in the early years of Chavo del Ocho Chapulin Colorado and was presented with the nickname "Pirolo." Around here did not know previously Tennie a character with that name and so the detail. But soon his presence was seeping into the popular taste and banished that character to be baptized again with the immortal "Quico".
There was much talk Quico output of the series El Chavo del Ocho, even a rumor that there was a sharp dispute between Gómez Bolaños Villagrán and for the love of Florinda Meza. However, this was categorically denied by both sides admitting that the departure was due to labor dispute and that if he was due to character rights Quico, which was renamed later as "Kiko." So, Quico left the neighborhood in 1978, just after the unforgettable episode of Acapulco.
Carlos Villagrán by then emigrated to South America where he was responsible for several projects with his character, but the success was not the same. Ramon Valdez even drove to work in any of them, but the formula did not work either. So "Kiko" had several programs, among which we remember "Paper Boy", "Federrico", "The circus chubby M.," "Kiko Buttons" and "Ah Kiko." The latter held again in Mexico.
Carlos Villagrán currently resides in Argentina next to his family and pursue his lifelong partner, Kiko. I walk by several countries through his circus "Kiko's Circus" and her last television appearance was in the tribute they did to Don Roberto Gomez Bolaños in 2000.

Maria Antonieta de las Nieves is an icon of Mexican and Latin American comedy. Not only for his career but his great success with the character of "La Chilindrina", leading to today's most important stages around the world. It is perhaps the only character who triumphed only, away from the neighborhood.
His career began as a dramatic actress and your first contact with Mr. Bolaños was when he was looking for a petite actress is not to make much difference to him. So it was that came to Marie Antoinette, but when he proposed to work with him, she replied that it was actress in a drama, not comedy. Don Roberto replied, "then you are not a good actress. An actress is not dramatic or comic, is an actress." According to her account, those words stung his pride and accepted the proposal as more of a challenge. A decision that undoubtedly led to the highest commercial and professional success.
"The Chilindrina" once the program ended "Chespirito" telvisión had two programs, of which we remember more "Here's the Chilindrina" which aired in Peru America TV signal.
Currently, like many of his former colleagues in the neighborhood, has his own circus and tours internationally with the success always.

The actress symbol of all the productions of Don Roberto Gomez Bolaños. Florinda Meza always noted for its excellent actress and great versatility to embody so many different characters throughout his career. Was born on February 8, 1948 in Mexico and is married in real life the actor who plays the "Chavo del Ocho."
In the vicinity of Chavo embodied the "old chancluda, better known as" Doña Florinda "and to this day do not understand how that face so angelic it keeps well, could give life to a character so hard and so cruel at times. The answer: talent, gentlemen, talent.
And that talent not only demonstrated through all the years as an actress, but that wonderful experience has led the field of production. There are some titles such as Mexican soap operas "The Owner", "Miracle and Magic" and "Will we ever have wings."
Currently producing and acting in the play "11 y 12" we have the information that has 10 years of staging and is very successful in Mexico and in some countries where it has come through international tours.

Angelines Fernández, better known as the "Witch 71" nation a July 9, 1922 in Madrid, Spain. How good it was Spanish, struggled to follow the career of art as far as possible, and so her talent to Mexico, where he first arrived in 1947 at the age of 25 years to work on soap operas.
After a theater season in Cuba, returned to Mexico in 1950 and made a name in the competitive Mexican cinema, becoming one of the divas of the golden age of cinema Aztec. We can watch films both drama and comedy, and because of its versatility, is very successful.
Years later he was called by Don Roberto Gomez Bolaños to join the cast of the "Chavo del Ocho" Doña Cleotilde playing the romantic and misunderstood tenant of 71 or for children "The Witch's 71." For Ms. Angelina was very difficult to make this character for his high sense of duty. Became very nervous about not trying to bring Don Roberto Gomez and gradually was designing your character even better to the shape and make a grand final performance today we all applauded. It was a close friend of Ramon Valdez and Maria Antonieta de las Nieves.
Unfortunately, we left a March 25, 1994, at age 71, victim of snuff, he could never leave. From here our gratitude to the witch who really stole our hearts to all who continue to cerquita the series. We have the consolation of that up there next to it was his friend in real life and love in fiction, Ramon Valdez. Farewell.

The charismatic "Professor Jirafales" was born on June 15, 1934 in Saltillo, Coahuila. His beginnings as an actor were playing "Pipo" a character quickly became popular among the Mexican public.
His first contact with Don Roberto Gomez Bolaños was when they met in the first stage of Chespirito screenwriter. After the program would play in "The supergeniuses of the Square Table" to "and Jirafales Professor Ruben Aguirre, who later would be just as Professor" Jirafales "eternal suitor Doña Florinda.
After the stage of the "Chespirito", Ruben Aguirre followed the example of many former teammates and walked his circus television across Latin America, visiting Argentina in some of our opportunities.

Edgar Vivar, better known as "Mr. Barriga" and lately "Nono" because of his seasons circus around here, is a doctor, but he practiced for only 2 years because he never wanted to depart from the art which began in 1964. It was in 1970 when he had his first contact with Don Roberto Gomez, who needed the person who gave life to the collector of income in the neighborhood. So was a third person who recommended Mr. Vivar it seemed perfect. And so the story wrote that the Lord Barry and Nono was played by the great Edgar Vivar.
Although his life and career was linked to comedy, we remember with fondness that had a prominent role in the soap drama "Once we have wings." His final departure of the "Chespirito" was due to health problems, because its weight brought cardiac complications.
Confesses that he has come to Peru eight times including his last visit in July 2002. And not just for work, it has spent some holidays here in Cuzco, Iquitos, Lima and Arequipa. According to manifest as Peru and Mexico are so similar to each other, it seems that Central America did not exist. That it has adapted perfectly to our land by the tremendous similarity in everything from people to food, according to Don Vivar "are exactly alike."
Continuous currently taking his circus in which he has called "the farewell tour Ñoño" Is that leaves Ñoño more respect for his character because it believes that the years do not go in vain, and that despite the years do not feel Ñoño sorry for because they take deep in his heart. And there also will always keep with us. Thank you Lord Edgar Vivar for his career, by his example of tenacity, the love for our land and for all those years of hope that gives us and we will continue to provide.

Raul "Chato" Padilla is one of the last actors to include the original cast of "Chavo del Ocho." Postman played the single called "Louie." Their inclusion was before the departure of Don Ramon neighborhood and played a role that quickly became one of the most beloved.
Don Roberto has accompanied many of their productions to the mid-nineties, which makes its voluntary recall of the "Chespirito" for health reasons. Years later we left, leaving all the fans of the series a big gap.

THE PEOPLE TO SEE if you remember!

El Chavo No doubt the character most famous and loved by all is the innocent and poor, but nothing weak Chavo del Ocho. Named originally broadcast on Channel 8, Mexico City, the character soon became a favorite of Mexican public and the world.

Constantly hungry for love, and a cake with ham, El Chavo was measured with the same punch with Quico he did enrage Ron Damon (as he called Don Ramón) or provoked the indignation of Doña Clotilde to call her "Witch."

Our second home each week viewers could not wait to go back to the famous neighborhood of Chavo. Filled with colorful characters like Mr. Barriga, Doña Florinda, Professor Jirafales, Don Ramon, Doña Clotilde, Quico, La Chilindrina and El Chavo, I really felt like to live in this neighborhood where no one paid the rent.

The group of characters of El Chavo del Ocho was clearly a dysfunctional family that everyone wanted to belong, and who knows, maybe living in the fifth courtyard, we could discover mysteries as, "Who was the father of Quico?, What was guy's house? What lived Don Ramón? Will El Chavo and his ham cake ever?.

The neighborhood was also a place for love, but not always be reciprocated. The widow Doña Clotilde, lovingly called The Witch of 71 for almost the whole neighborhood, not left to show your affection for the other widow in the neighborhood, the attractiveness Don Ramón.

Although he never paid any attention, the Witch of 71, sorry, Doña Clotilde, never stopped trying. Whether it was cookies, some stew, favors and even a magic potion, always had plenty to try to conquer the neighbor.

* The bad ... the jug and the Chompiras are the last characters that emerged from the creative mind of Roberto Gómez Bolaños, and managed to stay in the public's taste for several years.

The famous poop (slang word to describe the robbers) could never get booty and the jug, played by Edgar Vivar, he spent his ignorant Chompiras successfully applied to (a resounding slap, then combing)

Maybe it's a petty raterillo, but besides the Chompiras has a boss and friend in the jug, a good friend in the Chimoltrufia. Always aware of what they are doing their husband and his clumsy friend, The Chimoltrufia (named, perhaps, for being toothless) always had something to feed the ever hungry Chompiras.

El Chapulin Colorado is the quintessential anti-hero, no doubt, El Chapulin Colorado. Fearful, but able to overcome this fear, it is this quality that is its strength and 'super power' against the villains. In fact, although it is helped by his Chipote Chillon, El Chapulin Colorado has no power to do to be a super-hero as traditional comic books and movies.

The one which is worth artirficio Chapulin villains to escape or go into the dens of evil, was the famous' Chiquitolina Pill. " Once he took her, the hero decreased in size to be tiny. The problem came when the effect of the pill ended and El Chapulin recovered its size in the most bizarre situations and places.

Following Bonaparte shower tardición characters with 'Ch' how well he had accepted the public in the late 80's, the program was introduced a couple Chespirito crazy as never seen. Shower Bonaparte was undoubtedly the craziest of them.

Played brilliantly by Chespirito, Bonaparte Chaparrón coined phrases like "They say we're crazy, Lucas" while his hands moved strangely. Also invited people who visited, especially the nosy neighbor, to leave early, with the phrase "Are you going?"

Dr. Chapatín is a nice old man that is afraid of everything. Business, something crafty, and very grumpy, always carries with him an old paper bag, in which anything could be saved. Never knew and probably never will know what the Doctor saved the bag Chapatín used to attack people.

The character of the neighborhood are not the only ones who played Roberto Gomez Bolaños. In two plays he wrote, acted and danced like never before. The character of the puppet work was one of his most acclaimed.

Playing a toy puppet, with over 50 years of age, Chespirito tap danced, sang, acted and performed for hundreds of people in a long season. Acted with him his inseparable Florinda Meza in the starring role.


Professor Jirafales (FOR IF NOT RECOGNIZE)

signed to marry


Undoubtedly, history will remember Don Roberto Gómez Bolaños (Chespirito "as the most important artist in the history of Latin American television comedy and one of the largest worldwide. This web site called" The House Chespirito ", Florinda Meza (his wife) paid tribute to the work of Electromechanical Engineering, publicist, radio, Actor, Producer, Director, Writer, Filmmaker, Writer, Poet, Painter and Mexican singer-songwriter.

Source: http://www.volveralfuturo.com/gomezbolanos.html