Return the green wave and driving history, Flavia Palmiero, again encouraged the children of many children, as it did during the '90s. Among those little ones, incidentally, might have been Nicholas "Tacho" Riera, who is now associated.

He is the boyfriend almost official Silvia Escudero and, Flavia, would have been in Punta del Este, according to reports coming from the Uruguayan city.

She cleared everything (?): "Do not install this item because it is a lie," he said of the romance.

Ah, well, there was also time for cross-examination:

"We would like your floor to clarify the issue: what Venegas, then?

"I will not talk about it, I will not deny it or confirm it.

Of course we do not inquire into the back of the green wave, and of course, now, Flavia was more than expressive: "We are rehearsing and preparing everything. But I can not take notes, I can not say anything else, just that I'm filming and recording. "