La Mole Moli, a member of The Big Show, had said that if he saw in Carlos Paz Ricardo Fort would give him a kick in the ass

Enraged, the billionaire talked to and settled Dancing champion.

"I do three fuck what anyone says Mole Moli. I'm doing very well in Mar del Plata with great success as Fortuna II. So I was not interested in a mediocre, they can not do anything to talk about my life in Carlos Paz, Ricky started.

Immediately fired on The Big Show, the work of the mountain village where he works the Mole: "It is a cast of farts fart managed by a producer! The only person worth and has talent Florimont Gladys, and the Puma Rodriguez, indisputable. "

"I am ashamed and disrespectful to the Puma Rodríguez La Mole Moli is closest to you," followed.

At the touch, Fort challenged the boxer: "I invite you to the Mole to come to Mar del Plata, and who knows nothing of life. I invite you to learn what a good production and to see talented artists. Fortuna II Let him come! ".

Unstoppable, the Chocolate declared: "I think it is pathetic that the Mole has won the dancing because it is a person who has no culture, no education and the snot out on camera. Is raised above a horse to have won. It is very sad for society in Argentina. It is pathetic that someone like him represent us in the world. "
Next, Fort shouted: "Gladys has talent, but the Mole, Virginia Pamela Gallardo and David are farts. Everyone! The Big Show is a disaster, does not sell tickets. "