A driver of a stubble died at dawn on Thursday when a pickup truck involved in the Dakar rally he was hit on Route 60 in Villa San Roque, near the city Tinogasta Catamarca.

The accident occurred around 6 am on Route 60 when the Toyota car, number 410, driven by Eduardo Love pilot, assisted by Alejandro Fenoglio passenger, collided with a scavenger, whose driver, identified as Marcelo Reales 42, died moments later from his injuries.

According to initial speculation, the vehicle command of Love have lost direction and crossed the lane to the driver falling asleep. That's when the van struck and injured in particular its occupant.

As told police he acted in a tragedy, the fatal victim had fractures whose pain you have caused death during the first medical interventions.

Love, 48, a native of Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Devoto, was delayed in the local police station, the newspaper El Ancasti of Catamarca.