For the past eight months is one of the most sought after by the press. And for eight months, too, is one of the least encountered. Since May, when her boyfriend Gustavo Cerati suffered a stroke in Venezuela, much was said about her but she said recently.

At age 22, Chloe Bello, the "Rebel models," Light told the magazine about his life, his fears and the relationship that binds the rocker. At this time was criticized by many, hated by the fans and look askance at the rest of the world. And yes, she was with him at the time but decided to comply with their work schedule and traveled to London. There was talk of abandonment, was accused of being irresponsible, was suspected. Now your side of the story.

"What I am living is enough and the only thing I can say is that I am the girlfriend of Gustavo and I remain with him every day. It is my love, I love and I firmly at his side, "he said in an interview with Light. He added, forcefully: "I know sometimes I can sound arrogant, but it is my intention to enter into polemics with anyone, because there was too much bad vibes about it. If I say hard things is because I feel like that and it pisses me off the hypocrisy that exists in this country. "

The visit to the clinic daily, keeps him company. Perhaps remembering that particular world that was armed with the musician, a world of its own, it is in silence, away from the cameras and the gaze of the public.

He also spoke of his excellent career as an international model, their expectations, their desire to be an actress (her true calling) and the ability to have children and raise a family. "Today I re-imagine as a mother. Before the accident, in fact, that was one of our major projects for couples, but today, in the midst of a delicate situation, it is meaningless to talk too much about it, "he said.

Yes, in the next world, at destination, in your head and your heart is Cerati. A Cerati present in your future, Cerati, according to Chloe, will succeed. "Yes, it is not dependent on me, but the last thing you lose is faith and I know that everything will be fine. Gustavo is going to recover, believe me. I'm here, well within the heart and I know it will be well, just have to wait, "he said, hopefully.

Source Entre Mujeres