A German publisher has launched a dictionary to help men understand women.

Alemán-Mujer/Mujer-Alemán is the title of the publication and its pages are the ten words or expressions that are most used by women, also explains the exact meaning they are given.

Here's the list and see if coincidís with it, and incidentally, you can make a sentence more:

1 .- OK. It is the handy word to end a speech. When they want to say that the discussion is over and it's time to shut up.

2 .- FIVE MINUTES. This is what answer when asked how much longer it takes to erreglarse (and actually mean half an hour), but five minutes is actually five minutes if they will grant to the terms of do your thing.

3 .- NOTHING. Means all, is the calm before the storm. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine (see point 1).

4 .- NO PROBLEM. Their like can be: do not bother me or do. Actually mean that you get into trouble if you do.

5 .- Loud Sigh. It's actually a word and if your girl sighs deeply probably means you're a moron and does not know where to get more patience.

6 .- VERY WELL! Means that meditate before making you pay for your audacity.

7 .- THANKS. Given this it is better not to ask, stick to answer "nothing."

8 .- DA SAME. Feminine form of saying to the devil.

9.TRANQUILO, let it be. This means that on several occasions they've done wrong so you should not bother you for doing what she does best. You ask "what?" to which she answered ... (see point 3).

10 .- Aaahhh ... If your explanation does not believe this but tené say for sure that will continue to investigate to know the truth.