Romina Gaetani, star of the telenovela "Heirs of revenge," broke the silence and spoke about the "tortuous" task of working as an actress in the country. Lack of time and hasty decisions, shafts of criticism.

"Today on TV Argentina is very much in the viewer, written, edited and recorded for the day to day. Argentina is a highly work, one sees overseas projects and begin to work a year ago and the actor already knows how to start and how her character ends up, "complained the wife of prominent curves.

The work on the rating is something known Gaetani closely. Last year was mutating to the soap opera that had as its protagonist, "Botineras." After failing to meet expectations of audience, the comedy became a typical soap opera and a series of deaths served to refine the list.

The regional daily format, too, is opposed to the dynamics of large U.S. strip which issues a weekly chapter only the highest quality. "Here, sometimes recorded with very little rehearsal, you build the character from day to day. In 'Botineras', for example, I was told five days before starting to record the strip would be the star ", he said.