A journal found that in 2010 alone, some 28 million couples broke up because of Facebook.

The data revealed by the number of users who changed their relationship status on their profile in 2010, 28 million went from "being in a relationship" to "being single."

Those who number about 15 million who switched to "single", but which is not known if they had a relationship.

On the other hand, 95% of the more than 600 million users ever sought a former partner in the network, resulting in reunions and certainly more family breakups.

Since the behavior, the study revealed that 48% of users between 18 and 34 reviews your account when you wake up and 28% admitted to entering the network before leaving the bed through the smartphone, which is also considered as a cause of rupture. Related to this, it is important to privacy options do not help about the content they upload contacts. Many photos are out of context in social network, inviting those involved to use the famous "is not what you think."

Of the total, nearly 44 million users are unmarried, while 37 million are married, 6 million are engaged, 28 million have a relationship and 3 million have put in their emotional state: "it's complicated."

The publication estimates that dating could be impaired by Facebook itself, as there have been several cases that have been released on jealousy and marital problems associated with this popular social network.