Everyone we came up, there's no doubt. So many millions of emails sent from the Hotmail service, which is expected, spam arriving like crazy, and weird news stories and often unconvincing. So then I will present a site where we collect all those bizarre stories that we get our mail, either in PDF files or YouTube videos and texts so crazy that only a fool would believe it.

Here I list all subjects covered by the page that I'll show you. It sure will find some of the stories that come to you. For me in particular, I got most of them. LOL The last of which came to me on the list, is whether he had seen "this" type in one of my dreams. And the truth is that I never dreamed a bare so, and I hope tonight that haceerlo not honestly feel a bit scared. LOL

The man who eats human fetuses
One of the most unpleasant hoaxes chain messages. Insurance fell into your inbox. So far it is an enigma if the truth of this story is true. In Taiwan it caused an outcry when one of the newspapers published this news. The media company said it received the photos by email and followed that is hampered by the lack of professionalism by not investigating whether the photos were real.

After a while, was investigated and found the news that the pictures is a kind of "cannibal art" made by a man named Zhu Yu. According to the artist admitted that the fetus, which eats at a meal, it felt real and staring arcades. Others argue that the fetus was a body of roast duck and head doll. Here are the pictures circulating on the Internet. It is recommended that you have discretion and do not open in the presence of a minor.

Eel of the lagoon in Valencia
May have come to your inbox as a warning or an alarm. This is a montage of an enormous eel out of the pond and catching the dog lady. Apart from close encounters of the animal. Obviously, the eel is a montage that was made in programs like Adobe After Effects, in the style of the found footage film Cloverfield. But a video is very paradoxical, because instead of scary, makes you laugh.

Elvis Presley is alive
As people report that they saw Elvis Presley in wheelchairs in Argentina. Currently being studied by the University of San Andrés and placed current and cartels would look senile singer. The rumor started after two hours of the alleged death of Elvis Presley, on August 16, 1977, a man named John Burrows calls his ticket at an airport and then, everyone looks at him, saying that it was Elvis Presley . Furthermore, "John Burrows" is the false name of Presley wore when he wanted to go incognito.

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCfaRZdes-g

In a documentary shown to reporters to record at Presley in a wheelchair, while taking it to a white car. You may notice some theatrics in the video, calling it false. And to complete the frame, like a movie thriller, reporters arrive to find the bear "Mabel" which fell to Presley as he was hastily climbed on the bandwagon. What many critics is the stay of all the artists who supposedly live, is Argentina. Everything is Argentina.

Amateur recording of a UFO
One of the hoax that had its fame foam. This is a montage of a woman who recorded a UFO passing close to the ground and then joins with others. The error occurred when the palm trees appear in the video are identical, as if following the same pattern. Look.

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i3dlrrqyfY

Balloon Child
One issue that had a global shock when they said that a child was in a hot air balloon while flying across the American sky. Many imagined the child inside the dome Heene Falcon Silver wallowing in it, which eventually found that it was all a lie. The child was found in the attic of the house.

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b2QFIfcX3U

Have you dreamed of this man?
The story so believable and fantastic that a psychiatrist's patient dreamed of a man's face. Then she begins to draw with descriptions of their patient. But that followed, another patient sees the portrait of the man in the office of the psychiatrist and indicates that he dreamed. Is where the psychiatrist made several posters and paste them on the streets, who came to Barcelona and South Africa. It was discovered that it was a viral campaign by a publicist named Andrea Natella. The end of Natella was denouncing the media and many news does not checked. Although it is a fake, it is chilling to see his face.

[Img *] http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg208/darkx543/03112009052852p-m.png [/ img *]

Do not upload your photos to Facebook
Currently circulating in the mail a picture of a woman posing in bikini, showing her great attributes. But when you go down to the last picture was found dead, with a sign of having been shot in the forehead. The photos may be true or that has been filtered to show the public. But the moral of this email is not revealing data upload to your profile.

The diver accident
One of the most unpleasant news of today's Internet history. I confess to have seen, and I want this to be a powerful lesson for people who do their stunts few reasonable. This is a video showing a typical day, where does a man diving from a balcony to the sea. But in a setback, not released due to the momentum, face down in the concrete and then the sea. This is accompanied by screams.

Following is an emergency and rescue the man's inert body. But what comes next is a shot in an emergency room, which shows a man with his face split in two and alive. Breathe, move, and very scared. Scientifically, if the brain is healthy and without bruises, you can live in unimaginable situations like that hurt, well that man is intubated to breathe.

A personal criticism is that I find very rare global publishing the video. If it was an important case and that thousands of eyes can see, it would be undignified to publish on the web. If you want to see the video is here. It is recommended that you have too much discretion in what happened, because it has very graphic scenes. Do not look in the company of a minor. Do not faint of heart.

Snuff Movies
According to Wikipedia is known recordings of real murders and a target of hoax advantage. After appearing alleged suicides of Puma Carranza and other Peruvian artists turned out to be real or hoax virus that met its chain. I remember last year, YouTube started for pure entertainment the word "slaughter" and I got several videos. The image of a video I found something funny, and I play it is a snuff video. In a close-up, the neck of a man was kneeling by a knife and was going through, while the guy was moaning. But what is this? In YouTube not accept this. I closed. Was somewhat unusual. That video was masochistic, rare, none of mine, inspired to write "tailed" for The Eat In Stock.

Weeks later, the video was gone.

Cockroaches mailing envelopes
You have reached your mail safe. The story of an employee who licked the edges of an envelope to close, and passing the days will swell the tongue until it was born a cockroach. It is a hoax. False, but the same message stating that came out on CNN, when it has been altered forever.

Organ trafficking
A hoax is really creepy though false, which tells the story of a man who went to a party, met a girl and suddenly wakes up in a tub, all alone. Look at his chest that has an inscription that reads: "Call 911, you die." Emergency calls, tells you to do and where to send him back to look in the mirror. Find two 9-inch slots. Kidneys had started to sell on the black market.

It looks like a story created by writers of terror. But even so, it is a very scary hoax.

Messenger disappears ... Hoax terror for those addicted to chat
Sure you will come a message saying that Hotmail was going to close due to saturation in its database. It is a poor hoax because if Hotmail would like to contact, would be sending an individual message to each user, rather than chain, which would be unprofessional. In addition, closed Hotmail accounts were not used more than 45 days. And if Hotmail is saturated, then we really scrubbed.

Send this message to 11 people and you will see a video
A humorous hoax, until now most people realize. Because when you send the message to 11 people, does not feature a blessed videito.

Turn off your phone so that we lower the rate
Last year there appeared a hoax in which he said that if you join the protest against Movistar, and blotted out all our cell phone rates would fall. And for the hoax proves true, said that there was a case in Argentina, where they protested against a company by turning off their mobile phones and lowering the rate. False.

Although it is humorous, there is also hoaxes in the comments on YouTube where it has a child that died this year, and if not forward to a number of people die.

The end of the thing is not to trust these hoax that says you have to forward it to someone, even if you ask a relief. Collect your mail from Hotmail and you always hoaxes or spam sent from different subjects or real stupid, who prey on the ignorance of some. If you think a canard that says that by sending you going to get love and money, delete, life do it yourself, not a message telling you nonsense involved.

Source: Daily Clarin, La Nacion, Revista Informatica.