The director of the Dakar, Frenchman Etienne Lavigne, reported today that the rally route for next year will be announced in March, confirmed that Mexico, Peru and Rio de Janeiro and submitted a letter of application to host the competition in 2012 and hinted that Mar del Plata could be the scene for the next start.

"What a good question, eh. It really is very good, "Lavigne said with a knowing smile and mischievous, when he was asked if the seaside resort could be the place to fire the riders before starting the journey.

Playing the mystery said: "It's a good idea and I like discovering new places. This I already know, I would like to know Mar del Plata. "

With that look suspicious that characterizes it, Lavigne said he had not spoken anything about that possibility, but insisted on knowing his taste for "new places."

Instead, he predicted that it received the letter of intent to host the Dakar Argentina, Peru and the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, but lowered expectations about their definition to remember that "just will be deciding in March."

At the recently concluded Dakar called it "very positive and the hardest," not hesitated to define it as "a real Dakar".

"Always, until the last day, we had a difficult period and that's the idea," he said, recalling that "the Dakar is not only a speed competition, but also a lot of physical preparation."

In this regard, said that just that is "what gives you the ability to deal with pilots 13 days of competition in harsh conditions."

Finally, about the accident pilot starring Edward Love, who collided head on a route Tinogasta a particular vehicle whose driver later died, said the issue is under police investigation and denied any responsibility for the organization of test.

"It was an accident, by point of order the drivers have time to rest and long the next stage. The organization does not pressure them to go away. It is not our responsibility. We also hope the research results, "he concluded.