Regardless of the size of the lens with which to disguise his face, Mariana Esposito (19) manages to be the center of attention of most guys in the place to go. However, swears it was not the herd of fans that follows four years, on par with the success of Almost Angels, which made her realize that boasts the title of celebrity. "Just how far I fell over when I arrived at the awards ceremony of the Top 40 in Madrid, saw the door of the dressing on behalf of the Teen Angels [the band in the series] below that of Robie Williams, Shakira "says the actress now in its eighth year career in the hands of Cris Morena Group. And the way that "Lali" began in the profession is similar to the scripts of the production programs: a girl in the neighborhood, Patricios Park to be precise, that 10 years he wandered the city by bus behind his mom and with the complicity of his sister Maria Laura, 15, to try his luck in front of cameras. "I had scored for Hearts in the casting of banda, a project of Channel 9, but a week later I called to say he had been to the corner shop light, the new series of Telefe. I could not believe it! Because I was wrong row, I could fulfill my dream of working with Cris, "he says with a laugh.

Two months after the end of the strip with the who shot to fame, and before flying to Brazil on vacation with her friend Janet, passed through Mar del Plata and announced: "Gustavo Yankelevich and Cris Morena gave us the possibility to Gaston [ Dalmau], Peter [Lanzani], Nico [Riera], Eugene [Smith] and me to continue with the band. The Teens are going to start from scratch: we expect many changes, new songs and toured the U.S. and Mexico. A secret? I am also going to see at night from Telefe in a project of the RGB Media production. "

"You're a very small television. How did you handle the media pressure?

"The workshop I did for two months before I got the part in light corner, was very cruel, because every Friday someone out of production and said:" Clara, Pedro and Maria do not come anymore. " But I do not live as a pressure, but as a game, a diversion. Looked at the time in school and expected to be made by noon to leave and go to record, because I was fascinated.

- Did you learn to live with the exposure that gives you TV?

"At some point, yes, it's part of what I like. I think this job will not choice but to accept it. Just makes me uncomfortable for those around me. For example, when we eat with my friends, some I sit at the table, I eat food and not go. I understand it because I got used to it, but my friends find it annoying.

- How to live the fact that millions of kids consider you a reference?

"I am not a reference. But notice that, unlike what happens to my teammates, my character-Mar-generated lots of love. When the fans stop me on the street, I praise the hair, but talk about my work. They tell me they want to act and dance like me. Think that as a kid no one had confidence in me ... Not believe I could work on TV because it was very ugly, very toothy.

"He always talked a lot about your emotional state. Now it says you're in a relationship with your partner Benjamin Amadeo strip.

"I'm fine, barbaric, but I can not say much more. Exposure does not bother me in the street, but I do not feel comfortable when they make assumptions about my private life. It makes me laugh when calculating how long I cut with Peter [Lanzani] and wonder who I am and for how long.

- Do you get along so well with the rest of your coworkers?

"They are all divine beings and it is very difficult to get wrong. But of course there are frictions, such as those you have with a brother, because you see every day, you share many things and practically live together. We recorded ten hours a day, so I spend more time with them than with my family. They are like my brothers. A working group is not found in other strips. We are very close.

- Would you have liked to stay another year with almost angels?

"No, because I feel I fulfilled a cycle. We have what we set and story went through all possible states. In addition, follow because you do well at some point is to underestimate the public. Gustavo Yankelevich and Cris [producers], along with Leo Calderone [the author] are very smart, not tainted by success.

"Earn your own money from an early age. How do you administer your?

"Thank God, I have some incredible parents that since I started working, caring knew what I earn so you can secure my future. So I could buy an apartment in Palermo, where I am moving in February.

- What took your decision?

"It costs, especially my dad, Carlos. When I pulled the car registration, a year and a half, not much point topped him, because he realized that the baby was growing. So when I moved, I guess it will be worse. But he and my mom, Majo, understand that it is a matter of convenience. Banfield is exhausting travel to Martinez to record every day. I am very happy in my home, I enjoy myself and I do not like being alone. But having my own apartment was something I needed some time. At last I succeeded.

Originally published in Revista Argentina Hello