Like all mutable signs, Gemini flows and does not stay stagnant in any state. It is open to the impressions of the environment, everything is intrigued and learn new elements relating to each other and looking for connections between opposites. Try to understand what is observed in a mental, as it is an air sign.

Once collected all the information and if it might be useful to someone, it transmits. No discrimination or value because its purpose is to learn of the connection between the received and transmitted. It is a sociable sign that enjoys the constant movement that occurs in the contacts and the contact with the outside also learns about himself.

The characteristic flexibility and duality of the sign Gemini can hinder the true knowledge. We must learn to appreciate the quality of things, the difference in value, since their interest to convey him to lose perspective and proportion of what is transmitted.

Negative expression and development of the sign Gemini
Is well suited for diversity, but will have to learn to decide for one thing. Having found the true wisdom, which is not mere accumulation of information, this trial might provide capacity for a proper evaluation of things. May distinguish between essentials and nonessentials.

Human beings need to exchange, give, receive and learn. We all need that spontaneity geminiana that makes us understand that nothing stands still, everything is changing before our eyes open: that's life.

Summary of the qualities of the sign Gemini
Flexibility, openness, versatility. Adjust to changing circumstances. Skill. Intellectual development. Spontaneous reaction. Quick understanding. Thought. Movement.

Gemini on the job

Those belonging to the sign Gemini and co-workers are always fun and open. Exchange information like, what they have read or heard as a good channel for knowing what's happening in the business.

Some industrial sectors are well suited to this sign of Gemini, education, commerce, journalism, literature. Although the choice of profession are many factors other than the sign. But what is certain is that you need an environment that facilitates the exchange, that is flexible and lets you display all their qualities.

Gemini in relationships

This sign Gemini has a reputation for inconsistent or unreliable, but they must understand that Gemini live in the present and active at different times. You can arrange to meet someone, and another and another. Interested in talking to the neighbor as well as the most influential person you know. For him all are interesting.

Sociable, friendly and cheerful, and love or friendship these are good qualities. His sense of humor enables him to laugh at himself and therefore accept their shortcomings and improve the contact. Gemini has a mature and has worked with commitment and ability to choose between different love and stay with him understand better.

Planets in Gemini

The planets in the sign Gemini specialize through their qualities.
The Moon, our tool for contact, you need to express their feelings verbally. When you notice that the other can hear herself better understood. Moons are so they feel loved.

Mars can display their activity in different battles, maybe fighting and more verbally defends otherwise. Be nervous and very active until exhausted.