Patricio Bustos, director of Chile's Legal Medical Service reported that "for now" is not referred to exhume the body of former President Salvador Allende, following the opening of a judicial inquiry that will clarify the circumstances of his death in 1973.

"We were asked by the magistrate (Mario Chariot) to review what was done after all this time, the existing documentation, but no body now," Bustos told the daily El Mercurio on line according to office the Italian news agency Ansa.

"No one has considered doing an exhumation unless the judge considers it, as in the case of Jose Tohá another victim of the dictatorship. But that is a decision that goes by the minister and not by us," he added.

The doctor explained that there will be three forensic specialists who will begin work today in reviewing the autopsy report of Salvador Allende.

Bustos gave no deadlines, but said the review of the autopsy report will soon "with the best human and technical capacities, as well as instrumental."

"The judge asked us the autopsy report and also asked us to review comprehensively the procedures performed in that period and what will eventually be seen as a necessary complementary expertise to what was done," he added.

Allende died in La Moneda Palace on September 11, 1973, the day of the coup that led Augusto Pinochet.