Expected to know and be accompanied. When Diego Torres (39) embarks on a long tour, Deborah Bello (34) is time and space to travel and to be together, beyond the dictates of the singer's work schedule. Couples are more than seven years. And now it's up to Diego about it to be by his side while she works on the small screen. When summoned to take the lead in the fourth season of Fox Summer Sports, along with Jessica Cirio and from the beaches of the East, Deborah thought maybe it would have to spend several days away from her boyfriend. But it was not. The model, who came to Punta December 26, and the singer managed to match his ways and now share their days in José Ignacio installed with their beloved pets, labrador and a poodle named Gardel Africa. Every time I go down to the beach, take them with them to play near the sea.

"We share our work. Sometimes I accompany Diego parades and I love going to see him. I love what he does beyond the love I have as a couple, "she tells Deborah to Hello! The leading daily magazine debuted on January 3 and is responsible for reflecting the best sporting and social events of the most important tourist centers in Latin America.

Diego came back from a long tour its last album, Different, and moved to Uruguay three days before the end of 2010. They divide their time between love, relaxation and sport. Like any good gentleman (and a good boyfriend!), Singer lends his Mini Cooper to Deborah to be transferred from Jose Ignacio to the Mantra Beach when he has to record the program.

To celebrate the New Year, the couple dined at a friend's house and, although they had plans for later decided to end the night there. Saturday, 2 were present in the mega-party of Laith Pharaon and then gave a tour of Tequila.

Besides agreeing on how to continue their strong love story, the couple also goes hand in hand when it comes to stay online. So, be worn out shoes and run several times a week. As for future plans, the talks are open: "We always wonder when we will have a child," says Debora. Not yet have an exact date, but probably will soon, is something that we talk all the time and is in our plans. "