The justice ruled Brazil, following the indictment of an evangelical church. Must pay her $ 90 000.

The Brazilian driver Xuxa shone during the '90s with its children's program, but some years ago in disgrace when an evangelical church accused of being satanic. Now, the Brazilian Justice ruled in favor of the eternal queen of short people. "

The resolution achieved on time to a publisher linked to the Universal Church in 2008 published an article pointing to Xuxa as one of the "celebrities who have been seduced by evil." But the Court ruled that it, and ordered to pay compensation to the driver with 150 thousand reais, equivalent to 90 thousand dollars.

Of course, the payment of such compensation is small compared to the juicy $ 100 million that the devil would have given Xuxa for "selling his soul to the devil" as the article said the Folha Universal.

"All freedom must be exercised with responsibility, so the rea (the publisher) seems not to know, although ironically it is the graph of a church," the judge ruled Flávia de Almeida Viveiros de Castro, in charge of the case. The judge referred to the text as "outrageous" and noted that it was an aggravating factor that the queen of short people is "a person of great faith."

Source Minuto Uno