First Google closed the account that the site had Cubadebate on Youtube.
This generated hundreds of accessions and views from around the world expressed their solidarity with the wording.

Now it was her turn to their Facebook space, however, hours on Friday afternoon, the site was unreachable. Friends Cubadebate in this network had also been victims of censorship.

But solidarity is stubborn and resourceful. In a matter of minutes two new spaces opened up for Facebook to demanding the return of Cuban video channel and Facebook require to explain the new arbitrary. As you can see here, are now visible group "Censorship on Youtube, restored to Cubadebate" the page, "To restore Cubadebate. Come, let us multiply. "

Also on Youtube Cubadebate clones have appeared, with videos denouncing Google-see-Cubadebate1 Cubadebatecu and hundreds of messages have circulated on Twitter with hashtag # Cubadebate, have created advertising campaigns and buttons to share blogs, and tens of people have made helpful suggestions to challenge the telecommunications empire, which we believe apply to the construction of a visibility strategy in the Internet of alternative media and independent bloggers, vulnerable to abuse by the media monopolies.

For example, Argentine Rail Yoko Vidal warned us about the Law of Property Rights in the United States, that one of its clauses establishes the right to "fair use", ie to use content without paying for rights, provided non-commercial purposes. "Given this Clause, done by Youtube against Cubadebate is illegal under U.S. law. Cubadebate free images can be used, provided it is not for commercial purposes, as is the case, "he said. Of course, her warning, which we have tested, it is useful to give this battle, in which we are accompanied from the outset.

The variety and creativity of these proposals have encouraged us to create a forum for all who wish to share their ideas, which could be useful to other media and Internet users vulnerable to this type of sanction (for access, click here.)

Until this moment, Google has not responded to our request to restore the video channel, performed immediately after Youtube cut off access to materials Cubadebate, alleging a violation of copyright. He was referring specifically to a fragment of the video presentation in Miami Legal Fund for the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles who recently published, edited from a much broader material circulated on the net and had been reproduced in several places without authorship .

However, 48 hours after the closing of the channel, has come to return e-mail the unusual request that will fill a form on our "level of satisfaction with technical support from Youtube." A joke? "An insult? A bit silly to automatic?

False Messiah copyright, moralists Facebook and Google, are at this moment in legal pickle. Because of its monopolistic practices Google is being investigated in the European Union for alleged manipulation of search results and abuse of dominant position. In addition, South Korea accused the Internet giant of violating privacy laws. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, could face a new trial for stealing the idea for the network. Facebook, which has 500 million users.

How can these two companies appear to be Apostles Copyright? What do they live in schizophrenia ethics, belying their private actions that promote and sanction it with such conviction in the community? Perhaps this is not to abuse the Internet corporations, but may be an end to hypocrisy. And Cubadebate and your readers will take the battle to make it happen.

On the afternoon of January 13, 2010, to a complaint from the person who filmed the event with former CIA agent Luis Posada Carriles announced that this year would be in Cuba and demanded payment for his services between them blasting a Cuban airliner that killed 73 people, "Google dutifully turned off the site Cubadebate on Youtube. At that time our channel had more than 1.6 million downloads since its opening in 2007.

Among the original videos available to the site are, among others, exclusive interviews and messages from Cuban leader Fidel Castro, music video clips provided by the authors to Cubadebate and exclusive documentaries, such as that conducted by filmmaker Rebeca Chávez on the death of Che Guevara in Bolivia, where it appears a U.S. official who participated in the "hunt" of famed Argentine-Cuban guerrilla.

The editorial team of Cubadebate, expected to be restored to service, strongly denounced the censure alternative website, created in conditions of relentless technological lock without access to technology and satellite-Internet connection slower and more expensive- no resources for multimedia servers themselves. A place you can not buy the exclusive materials produced in the United States, particularly those that reveal the impunity of terrorists in Miami and, for that reason, are relevant to our information production.

Cubadebate requires that our channel is restored and we invite all our friends in the world to join the claim: NO MORE CENSORSHIP ON YOUTUBE! Restored to CounterPunch!